4 Times BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Was Pretty Savage Towards Lisa

Real friends joke around like them!

BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo may be older than Lisa, but their relationship is like that of same-age friends. They’re not afraid to joke around with savage commentary, especially the former towards the latter.

With that said, check out some of Jisoo’s fiercest jokes to Lisa below!

1. When she graded Lisa’s makeup low

First up, Jisoo graded the maknae‘s makeup just three out of five. Her reasoning was that her “eyebrows have some empty spots”.

2. When she made fun of Lisa’s “strict mentor” image

In the prologue of 24/365 With BLACKPINK, the girls updated each other on their recent activities. Everyone knew all about Lisa’s strict mentor image on IQIYI‘s Youth With You, and Jisoo even gave an example of her glare!

There’s no need to be sorry to me. You should be sorry to your members.

— Jisoo

It was a spot-on imitation!

3. When she said Lisa’s English was “a pity”

When Lisa forgot the difference between dumpling and tumbling, Jisoo said her now-iconic line: “Your English is a pity”.

4. When she joked that Lisa didn’t know how to do anything

BLACKPINK acted out staff roles on the third episode of 24/365 With BLACKPINK. Though Jisoo was the most junior staff of them all, she didn’t hold back with her criticism of Senior Manager Lisa.

Senior manager LA knows absolutely nothing.

— Jisoo

BONUS: When Lisa was savage towards Jisoo

When Jisoo graded Lisa’s makeup a mere three out of five, Lisa got her revenge by exclaiming that Jisoo’s eyebrows also had empty spots!

They’re definitely close friends!