4 Times BTS Broke Their Own Rule And Posted On Social Media While Tipsy

The members sometimes make multiple posts after drinking!

While BTS has a rule where they don’t go on social media if they’re tipsy, that doesn’t mean the members always follow this rule. Here are 4 times BTS broke their own rule and posted on social media while tipsy.

1. J-Hope showing love to ARMYs

BTS’s J-Hope

In an episode of Run BTS!, J-Hope hilariously revealed the truth about a picture he posted in 2019. In the picture, J-Hope was pouting his lips, and he told ARMYs (BTS’s fandom) to have a “good night.”

| Weverse

It turns out that J-Hope posted this picture after having a few drinks!

I remember that. That was on the Japan tour when I had a couple of drinks. I think I captioned it, ‘ARMY, mwah!’

— J-Hope

After J-Hope revealed this, his fellow members teased him by talking about their rule of staying off social media after drinking.

2. Jimin’s multiple messages to ARMYs

BTS’s Jimin

According to ARMYs, Jin and Jimin used to come to the official fancafe after having a few drinks and post some hilarious things. One time, Jimin posted 8 times consecutively, talking about how much he missed ARMYs. However, due to his “tipsy state,” he made a lot of spelling mistakes!

| @jimvely_S2/Twitter

While this was hilarious for ARMYs to see, what made it even funnier for them was that the next morning, Jimin “acted” as if nothing had happened and just ignored these 8 posts!

3. V and Jungkook’s adventure

BTS’s V (Left) & Jungkook (Right)

When V came of age to drink, he and Jungkook went on an “adventure,” and V made multiple posts on Twitter to show ARMYs what they were doing. It began by him asking ARMYs if they were sleeping.

V then posted a recap of the whole night, and ARMYs couldn’t help but laugh!

We had a tasty meal.”

After we were done eating, we went out.”

In the car.”

Arriving [at home] and going up [the stairs].”

Arriving at home.”

Goodnight. Dream of me, V.”

Jimin, good night to you too.”

Kiss, kiss.”

4. RM’s “tipsy singing”


RM once posted a video of himself singing and telling ARMYs how much he loves them. RM was singing in a joking and loud manner, and many ARMYs believe that he was quite tipsy in this video!


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