4 Times BTS Decided To Target Certain People In Their Diss Tracks

Numbers 1 and 2 were released before BTS even debuted!

While the BTS members are known for their kind personalities, that doesn’t mean that they can’t be savages. Throughout the years, the BTS members have released many diss tracks, some of them even targeting certain people. Here’s a list of some times when BTS decided to target certain people in their diss tracks.

1. BTS throwing shade at Big Hit Entertainment

While the BTS members have a great relationship with their agency, Big Hit Entertainment, they did release a diss track towards them before their official debut.

In the song, they talked about how the company was being unfair to them by restricting them from dating and forcing them to practice during Christmas.

Suga (Left) & RM (Right)

Our boss is indifferent, even three years ago. We’ve never had the dinner outing that everybody else has. Outside, it’s like a party but us guys are bunched up together like it’s the army. This year, I’ll either be practicing or sitting alone in a corner. Nothing changes no matter how hard I try, I’m solo. But boss, we don’t want a solo victory. We just want a dinner outing.

— Suga

I have no girlfriend because our debut is soon. Ha, idols are getting married yet we seperate male and female trainees? What’s the point? We can’t love so how do we write love songs? If it were up to me, I’d encourage dating.

— RM

Here’s the full song below!

2. RM dissing Brave Brothers

In 2010, producer and rapper Brave Brothers released his own album. However, in the teaser for his album, he decided to reveal the names of some producers, one of them being Bang Si Hyuk, the head of Big Hit Entertainment. There were CG effects in the teaser video that showed Brave Brothers throwing light beams at these names, signifying that they weren’t as good as him.

Brave Brothers

This caught the attention of many people, one of them being RM. Despite being a trainee at the time, RM decided to stand up for Bang Si Hyuk. RM, alongside Iron and Supreme Boi, released the song “Hook”, which was a diss track targeting Brave Brothers.


You say you just wanna be ‘The Classic’ like Nas?
Got nothin’ to say, Nas hyung, u mad
Have you ever seen anything absurd like that, why just blindly insult right away
We can seduce other people’s ears without using the F word
Got into YG with your rapping, dug yourself into a hole with your mic
‘Last Farewell’ really became your last farewell
You closed your eyes tight at the development in the music business but the public’s eyes are paparazzi
You sold off all your hook songs, you might really be finished
Yeah and this is a real Brave Entertainment
Maybe DISS is what u want, our Special occasion
The facts that everyone knows but you, shall I stop?
Ok ok, no more jokes and will end it here

— RM

Here’s the full song below!

3. BTS’s rap line dissing B-Free

Suga and RM were underground rappers before their debut in BTS, and their decision to become idols didn’t sit well with rapper B-Free. In 2013, B-Free made some rude comments towards RM and Suga for their decision, as he didn’t view idols as rappers.

You guys (Suga and RM) could have taken the road towards becoming rappers, but you couldn’t beat that temptation. Is BTS’s music hip hop? Is wearing makeup on stage like a girl hip-hop?

— B-Free

After B-Free made these comments, ARMYs demanded an apology from him, as he was not only disrespecting Suga and RM but all idol rappers. However, B-Free wasn’t apologetic at all, as he chose to diss the ARMYs who criticized him. BTS’s rap line then decided to release a diss track targeting B-Free.

Overspending on my pens that are more in number than your (B-Free) fans, if I go all in and shoot, it’s a goal in. Goal in, I’m ballin, when I hear your rap, I’m about to throw up.

— Suga

B-Free did eventually make an apology to BTS, but this was several years after the incident occurred, and many fans still haven’t forgiven him for his comments.

Here’s the full song below!

4. RM’s friendly diss towards iKON’s Bobby

This one was more of a friendly back and forth, but RM and Bobby did once take “jabs” at each other. In 2014, Bobby featured in Masta Wu‘s “Come Here”, and there was a verse that seemed to target RM. In his verse, Bobby said “monster”, and RM’s stage name at the time was Rap Monster. Not only that, but Bobby also said “bulletproof glass”, and BTS’s name is Bulletproof Boy Scouts.

Call me a monster, I didn’t give that name to myself, I’m Won Bin in front of bulletproof glass when it comes to skills and looks.

— Bobby

RM decided to respond to Bobby at the 2014 MAMA, where he used the verse, “Put your guard up and follow me rapper tone, deaf rapper”.

However, the two eventually met up and exchanged some friendly high fives with each other, showing that there was no beef between them.

Here are the full songs below!