4 Times When The BTS Members Fought For Hilarious Reasons

The reasons why is just absurd!

The members of BTS are extremely close, as they consider each other family.

However, that doesn’t mean that they haven’t had their fair share of fights throughout the years. In fact, some of these fights were started due to bizarre reasons. Here’s a list of times when the BTS members fought for hilarious reasons.

1. Jimin & V fighting over dumplings

During a live broadcast, Jimin shared a hilarious incident that happened with V due to some dumplings. The incident began when the two were debating whether to eat some dumplings before or after practice. Jimin wanted to eat the dumplings after practice, while V wanted to eat them before practice.

This simple situation got heated, as the two weren’t backing down from their statements. The two continued fighting even after the members told them to go outside and figure things out.

Thankfully, after practice, the two ended up meeting each other for some drinks and resolved the issue. Jimin now just laughs at this story due to how absurd it was.

2. J-Hope & Jungkook arguing over a banana

While J-Hope usually isn’t the type of person to get angry, he once got angry at Jungkook due to a banana. During BTS’s earlier days, Jungkook had received a fruit basket from a fan and was touched, as it was the first time he had received something like it. While Jungkook did allow the members to eat from the fruit basket, he got a little “protective” once it was starting to run out. That’s when he told J-Hope, who was taking a banana, that perhaps he shouldn’t eat it.

J-Hope got a little furious by this statement and ended up throwing the banana at him. Jungkook was shocked by this, as this was the angriest he had ever seen J-Hope.

The two ended up resolving the issue, and this is now a story they look back at and can laugh about.

3. Jimin & Jin fighting over a game

During a live broadcast, Jimin revealed that he’s pretty bad at gaming and that this led to a small fight with Jin once.

When Jin and Jimin were playing games together, Jin was surprised by how bad Jimin’s gaming skills were and asked him, “How come you’re so lousy at it“. Jimin was shocked by this comment and told him, “How can you say that?“.

The two ended up quarreling for a bit after this.

However, the two soon realized that they were fighting for a silly reason and apologized to each other.

4. Jimin & Jungkook’s fight in the rain

Jimin and Jungkook once had a fight that looked like it came from a K-Drama. It began when the two were arguing during practice, and Jimin ended up leaving.

After Jimin left the practice room, he decided to walk home. Jungkook soon realized the situation and made a phone call to Jimin to apologize. However, Jimin refused to accept Jungkook’s apology.

Jimin soon cooled off a little and told Jungkook that he would come to get him. However, Jungkook had already left the practice room and didn’t know where he was.

Jungkook then got into a taxi and went to where Jimin was. It was also raining that day, so Jimin ended up waiting for Jungkook in the rain. As soon as Jungkook arrived, the two hugged and forgave each other.