4 Times Former “Big 3″ Trainees Exposed Company Secrets From Their Trainee Days

Number 4 might surprise you.

Throughout the years, more and more former trainees from “The Big 3” (YG Entertainment, SM Entertainment, and JYP Entertainment) have been revealing some surprising information about these companies. Here’s a list of a few of these moments.

1. Singer MAYDONI speaking on YG Entertainment’s training system

Yang Hyun Suk, the founder of YG Entertainment

Solo artist MAYDONI was once a trainee at YG Entertainment, and she considered the environment at the company to be quite “toxic” as trainees were encouraged to be rivals and not friends.

There was also a time when she was 16 and had to stay with some senior artists at a hotel. While at the hotel, many of her senior artists began drinking in front of her despite her being a minor.

MAYDONI also recalls that one of the senior artists told her, “I wish you can grow up already so that you can go clubbing with us“.

2. Former SM Entertainment trainee talking about how strict the company is 

Lee Soo Man, the founder of SM Entertainment

Being one of the biggest companies in K-Pop, many would assume that SM Entertainment would be strict on their trainees, but a former SM Entertainment trainee revealed that the company is a lot more strict than people think. She shared that if a trainee makes a mistake, then they have to write down what they did wrong, and aren’t allowed to practice until they state what they did wrong.

If you do anything wrong, you write about what you did wrong and you aren’t allowed to practice until you can clearly state what you did wrong.

— Former SM Entertainment trainee

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The former trainee also spoke on the insane methods the company uses to help trainees improve their skills.

If you don’t improve but you’re pretty they tell you to stay underwater and hold your breath for 5 minutes and make you sit in a V, and drop basketballs on your stomach when you breathe.

— Former SM Entertainment trainee

3. Former MADTOWN member H.O talking about JYP Entertainment’s unique rule during monthly evaluations

Park Jin Young, the founder of JYP Entertainment

Former MADTOWN member H.O was once a trainee at JYP Entertainment, and he shared that the company has a unique rule when it comes to monthly evaluations.

He revealed that trainees at JYP Entertainment aren’t allowed to sing Korean songs during monthly evaluations.

At JYP, you cannot sing Korean songs at your monthly evaluations. If you ask your vocal coach ‘teacher, can I sing a Korean song?‘ then you would get a slap on the back, and you were immediately told ‘no’. It had to be Pop (English).

I don’t know the reason why. Even to this day, I still don’t know why you can’t sing a Korean song at JYP’s monthly evaluations.

— H.O

4. SM Entertainment trainees being allowed to date

While most K-Pop companies don’t allow their trainees to date, SM Entertainment is a bit different, as they don’t place a dating ban on their trainees.

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One former SM Entertainment trainee shared that while the company doesn’t encourage trainees to date, they don’t place a ban on it.