4 Times K-Pop Bodyguards Went Too Far

Fans were particularly conflicted on #3.

K-Pop idols often have to deal with over-excited fans causing mobbing situations at airports and other places artists go for schedules. Usually, the security is able to form a protective barrier around the groups to prevent anything from happening to them but sometimes go too far in their effort to protect the artist.

Here are times when bodyguards received mixed reactions to how harshly they dealt with fans.

1. Wanna One

While Wanna One are currently not active as a group, fans can recall the times that a security guard gained attention for being too rough with fans. In several videos, a security guard can be seen shoving a fan so hard that she falls over and also seeming to lash out at fans who do not appear to be rushing toward the idols.  One member can even be seen looking back at the disturbance.

2. NCT 127

Fans were conflicted by how strongly NCT 127‘s bodyguard reacted in this instance. While the fan was coming toward the group with a camera, others said that the bodyguard could have redirected her less harshly.


There were mixed reactions to how strongly ENHYPEN’s bodyguards reacted to the intense crowds that occurred when ENHYPEN returned to Korea after performing at the K-POP Flex festival in Germany. International fans defended the behavior, while some did not like that a much bigger person was shoving around smaller people that hard.

4. BTS

BTS have had plenty of unfortunate incidents with overzealous fans while at airports. Some of the most remembered involve bodyguards aggressively shoving fans that did not seem to warrant such a strong reaction. BTS‘s V recently reacted to his bodyguard shoving a fan, seemingly telling him to stop.

Another instance involved a bodyguard shoving a fan who seemed to be standing still. The fan was pushed hard enough that she fell into a trash can before hitting the ground. As with the other instances involving other groups, fans are always conflicted on how to feel about bodyguards’ actions.

While they may receive mixed reactions at times, bodyguards serve an important purpose and keep artists safe. Check out times bodyguards went above and beyond to protect K-Pop idols.

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