4 Times K-Pop Idol Haters Decided To Change Their Ways

Some of them went from hater to fan!

K-Pop idols have to deal with haters constantly throughout their careers. However, that doesn’t mean that all haters of certain K-Pop idols remain this way. Here are 4 times haters of certain K-Pop idols decided to change their ways.

1. Former BLACKPINK hater changing their mindest

| @BLACKPINK/Twitter

On Quora, a user by the name of Maysa Shakeel shared their experience of hating BLACKPINK. Maysa Shakeel stated that they initially hated BLACKPINK for various reasons, such as their low amount of songs.

I actually used to hate BLACKPINK too.

‘They literally have like 9 songs in 2 years and they are talentless.

Their rappers can’t rap and their vocalists can’t sing.

Rosé sounds like a dying cat, Rosé sounds emotionless.

They are extremely overrated and only got famous because of YG.

Their songs don’t make sense and they’re all about love, and breaking up and those kinds of unrelatable stuff plus, Jennie is really lazy.’

— Maysa Shakeel/Quora

However, Maysa Shakeel eventually changed thinking like this and saw that a lot of the things they hated BLACKPINK for were out of the group’s control. Not only that, but Maysa Shakeel also realized how talented the BLACKPINK members are.

They aren’t talentless.

As I listed above, YG doesn’t let them do anything. He keeps them in the YG dungeon, gives them easy choreo, and a small number of songs. Rose and Jisoo have amazing voices. Jennie is a great rapper. Lisa is one of the best dancers in the third generation.

They aren’t overrated.

Being overrated means they didn’t do anything and somehow got popular. Yes, they are overhyped, but they worked hard, BLINKS worked hard, and YG worked hard. I guess you forget how hard it is to get into YG.

Jennie isn’t lazy anymore.

She was last year. But this year, she really improved and she’s getting back to her own self.

— Maysa Shakeel/Quora

Maysa Shakeel now regrets ever thinking negatively about the group and hopes that other K-Pop fans don’t make the same mistake.

So in conclusion, please don’t hate BLACKPINK. It isn’t okay to hate any group. If you do, then please don’t spread hate and just keep it to yourself.

— Maysa Shakeel/Quora

2. Former TWICE hater going from hater to fan

A YouTuber by the name of NihonSaranghae was a former TWICE hater who eventually became a fan. She explained that she hated TWICE since she thought that they were a bunch of “untalented” people who relied on their visuals.

NihonSaranghae also saw various MR Removed videos of TWICE’s performance and believed that TWICE weren’t good singers. However, these MR Removed videos have been revealed to be not so reliable.

Also, she didn’t believe that TWICE was deserving of all their success.

However, NihonSaranghae eventually changed her mindest after watching various programs featuring the TWICE members and saw that they were extremely joyful and talented people.

She eventually started stanning the group and regrets ever hating them.

3. Former BTS hater eventually becoming a fan

On Quora, an anonymous user, who will be referred to as “X”, shared their experience of hating BTS, as well as what made them eventually become a fan. Initially, “X” got introduced to BTS through a friend named Kelly.

As someone who used to hate BTS, I’m speaking from personal experience.

See, I have this friend, let’s call her… Kelly.

Kelly’s a cool person, amazing, funny, just plain awesome.

She also likes BTS

Was she the reason I hated BTS? Nope, not at all.

She told me about them, yes. Fangirled, actually. But I didn’t mind. I could understand that she didn’t have anyone to talk to about BTS.

So I listened, like the amazing person I am. Did I get at least a teeny tiny bit interested? Yep. Totally.

— “X”/Quora

Due to things like school, “X” wasn’t able to check out BTS more. Also, “X” began disliking BTS and ARMYs (BTS’s fandom) after constantly seeing comments about BTS on unrelated videos.

However, school was a b*tch so I couldn’t really check them out.

Plus, I forgot. A lot.

I used to watch other videos though. Whenever something slightly similar to BTS was mentioned, they’d show up like the plague. Who, you ask?


I got slightly irritated with comments like:

”oemgee, when xxx said that, i got reminded of bts!!”

“any ARMY here????”

”how dare (s)he have an opinion about my oppa!”

And so on.

The word ‘oppa’ used by people who weren’t Korean. Mispronounced. I cringed.

So I hated the fandom.

— “X”/Quora

“X” even went as far as making up reasons why they hated BTS.

Ofc, my opinion of Kelly didn’t change. She was still a good friend.

So, I made up reasons on why I hate them.

“Their music isn’t good” I hadn’t heard any

”They don’t look that good” I didn’t know what they looked like

”Their fandom sucks” Not all, just the ones I saw at that time

“They’re overhyped” I didn’t even know how huge their popularity was.

— “X”/Quora

However, “X” knew deep down that all this hate towards BTS was a lie. “X” then got shown one of BTS’s music videos through a friend named Natalie, and this is what caused “X” to become interested in the group again. “X” then began watching some more videos and saw how humorous the BTS members are. Not only that, but “X” also ended up meeting a lot of positive ARMYs who helped get rid of the initial bad impression.

So, once, when my other friend “Natalie”, who was a casual fan showed me one of their MVs, I regretted so bad.

‘They work so hard’

…was what I thought.

I watched more and more videos, funny ones actually, and felt really ashamed.

Why did I hate them?

I watched videos, saw many cool fans, and ended up being something I didn’t wanna be. But I really don’t regret it.

— “X”/Quora

4. Former hater of Apink’s Naeun changing their ways

In 2019, Naeun filed a lawsuit against a hater who had been harassing her with malicious comments for years.

Apink members have suffered years of harassment from these haters. So the agency and the law firm were set on investigating the case thoroughly. The authorities were helpful in tracking down and identifying the hater. The person turned out to be someone who studied law in one of Korea’s most prestigious universities.

— Naeun’s lawyers

However, Naeun shocked a lot of people when she ultimately decided to drop the case. This decision came upon hearing that the hater was suffering from a mental disorder and was getting hospitalized to receive treatment. The hater’s family also sincerely apologized to Naeun.

The hater appeared to have developed a psychological disorder while preparing years for the bar exam. The hater is now said to be hospitalized and going through treatments. The family sincerely apologized to Son Naeun and her agency. After hearing about the current state of things for the family and the genuine apology, Son Naeun generously decided to forgive the hater and drop the case.

— Naeun’s lawyers