4 Times K-Pop Idols Accidentally Revealed Some Private Information

These idols had some accidental “goofs”.

While K-Pop idols try to be as professional as possible, there have been plenty of moments when K-Pop idols “goofed” and accidentally revealed some private information. Here are a few of these moments.

1. Jessica Jung accidentally revealing her dating history

Jessica Jung once played a game of “Never have I ever” with some of her friends, and she ended up revealing some information about her dating history. During the game, one of her friends asked, “Never have I ever dated a K-Pop star”.

After hearing this, Jessica Jung just froze for a bit and took a sip, saying, “They were all just friends“.

Due to Jessica Jung saying “They“, many fans implied that she dated more than one K-Pop star and that she may have accidentally revealed too much information.

2. NCT Dream’s Jeno accidentally revealing his password

During a live broadcast, Jeno accidentally typed in his phone’s hotspot password for all the viewers to see. Many fans couldn’t help but laugh over Jeno’s mistake, as well as how simple his password was.

It didn’t take long for Jeno to realize his mistake, and he just burst with laughter.

3. Jimin accidentally revealing BTS’s hotel location

BTS usually keep their hotel locations a secret, but sometimes, these locations get accidentally revealed. During one live broadcast, Jimin accidentally revealed BTS’s hotel location after he moved the camera and revealed the hotel’s menu that was behind him.

Jimin didn’t realize his mistake until an ARMY commented about the menu. After seeing the comment, Jimin immediately hid the menu.

4. TXT’s Taehyun accidentally revealing his group position

Before TXT’s debut, Taehyun posted a diary entry to TXT’s fan community, and he ended up giving a spoiler about his position as a vocalist, which caused fans to burst with laughter.

I’m not sure if its because of the fine dust or because I belt out high notes often, but my voice hasn’t been the same and it breaks my heart. But it doesn’t hurt too bad!

— Taehyun