4 Worst Small And Medium Entertainment Companies In K-Pop History

They did their idols dirty.

The K-Pop industry is notorious for housing many unscrupulous entertainment companies that mistreat their trainees and idols. It isn’t unheard of for these companies to be publicly called out on social media or for their mismanagement to come to light one way or another.

Here are the worst small and medium agencies that the public has seen in recent years.

4. FNC Entertainment

FNC Entertainment is the home of FT Island, CNBLUE, AOA, N.Flying, SF9, and Cherry Bullet, among others. Just this year they were heavily criticized for the way they handled the situation between former AOA members Mina and Jimin.

3. Star Empire Entertainment

Star Empire Entertainment is best known for debuting ZE:A, Jewelry, and Nine Muses. In 2014, ZE:A’s leader Junyoung exposed the company president on Twitter and revealed his unethical treatment towards the group, including unfair pay.

2. MBK Entertainment

MBK Entertainment managed T-ARA, SPEED, Shannon, and Davichi. They are most notorious for their mismanagement of T-ARA, especially during and after their bullying scandal.

Fans believe that T-ARA was at the height of their popularity before they were brought down by the scandal and their company.

| Jeon Han

Singer Shannon also exposed the company on her social media accounts, calling them a “dungeon” who didn’t pay her, refused to give her credit for her work, and used her to promote other artists in the company.

1. TS Entertainment

Finally, the worst K-Pop agency company is said to be TS Entertainment, who is called “trash” in the K-Pop community for their mistreatment of B.A.P.

| TS Entertainment

When B.A.P. made their debut in 2012, they were considered one of the most up and coming rookie groups that year, with many saying they had the potential to take over the industry.

The boys filed a lawsuit against T.S. Entertainment in 2014 to terminate their contract, citing unfair treatment such as unequal profit distribution. They officially left the company in 2019 following the expiration of their contracts.

| TS Entertainment
Source: theqoo

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