5 Artists From Big Hit Entertainment Who Have Crazy Casting Stories

Number 1 didn’t even intend on auditioning.

Big Hit Entertainment is home to many incredible artists, such as BTS and TXT.

| @BTS_twt/Twitter

A lot of artists at the company have some insane casting stories that just don’t seem real. Here are 5 artists from Big Hit Entertainment who have crazy casting stories.

1. V (BTS)

V ended up finding his way to Big Hit Entertainment through a friend. When V was younger, his friend decided to go audition for Big Hit Entertainment. V decided to go with his friend, but just to support him, as he had no intention of auditioning himself.

While at Big Hit Entertainment, someone approached V, asking him to audition for the company. V wasn’t too sure, so he decided to call his father for permission and then auditioned when his father gave him the okay. V ended up passing the audition, but his friend, unfortunately, didn’t.

2. Hueningkai (TXT)

During a live broadcast, Hueningkai shared that he originally didn’t audition for Big Hit Entertainment, but auditioned for another company. Although he didn’t end up passing the audition, he left an impression on one of the employees who was watching.

This employee eventually made his way to Big Hit Entertainment, and when he did, he remembered Hueningkai’s audition. The employee then contacted Hueningkai and asked him to audition for Big Hit Entertainment. Hueningkai ended up auditioning for the company and passed.

3. Beomgyu (TXT)

When Beomgyu was in his hometown of Daegu, a Big Hit Entertainment employee saw him and immediately asked him to come to Seoul for an audition. However, Beomgyu was still a student and was in the middle of preparing for an exam.

This didn’t stop the Big Hit Entertainment employee, as they told Beomgyu that they would be going back to Seoul and returning the next day so that he could audition on the spot and not have to go to Seoul. Beomgyu ended up impressing the Big Hit Entertainment employee, as he soon got accepted as a trainee.

4. Jin (BTS)

When Jin was younger, he was getting off a bus when a casting director from Big Hit Entertainment approached him. However, Jin was a bit hesitant when they approached him.

The casting director was eventually able to convince Jin to audition for the company, and Jin ended up getting in.

5. Yeonjun (TXT)

During a live broadcast, Yeonjun shared that he had been cast twice to join Big Hit Entertainment. The first time was when someone at Big Hit Entertainment got in touch with him through social media.

Not long after this, Yeonjun was riding on public transportation when a lady suddenly sat next to him. It turns out that this lady was an employee at Big Hit Entertainment! The lady ended up handing Yeonjun a business card and asked him to join the company. Yeonjun then naturally got interested in the company and auditioned.