5 Confessions By TWICE’s Members In 2020 That Will Have You In Tears

Number 1 will break your heart.

Lots of K-Pop idols have made tearjerking confessions this year, and the members of TWICE are no exceptions. Here are 5 confessions made by TWICE’s members in 2020 that will have you in tears.

1. Jeongyeon sharing a story about her grandmother

During an episode of TWICE: Seize the Light, Jeongyeon revealed that she lived with her grandmother until her second year of middle school. Jeongyeon also revealed that she often held talent shows in front of her grandmother.

I used to hold talent shows in front of my grandmother. I lived with my grandmother until I was in my second year of middle school. Both of my parents worked, so my grandmother raised me.

— Jeongyeon

Due to this, Jeongyeon’s grandmother looked forward to seeing Jeongyeon debut. However, she passed away before Jeongyeon debuted. When Jeongyeon revealed this, she couldn’t hold back her tears.

So my grandmother really looked forward to seeing me debut, but she passed away before I did. I feel really sad because of that.

— Jeongyeon

2. Nayeon revealing a story of when she cried on stage

When TWICE guested on an episode of Radio Star, Nayeon spoke about the time when she cried due to a mistake on stage. When TWICE was having a tour in Japan, there was a moment where Nayeon’s in-ear monitor broke before a show. Due to this, Nayeon couldn’t monitor her voice and was incredibly nervous during performances.

One time, I was having a tour in Japan. In the beginning, my in-ear monitor broke. I couldn’t monitor my voice anymore. I performed in an incredibly nervous state, and only relaxed during the encore performance.

I thought, “I did it”.

— Nayeon

However, there was a moment in the show where Nayeon accidentally held her microphone upside down while singing. Nayeon’s accumulated stress ended up spilling over, and she began crying.

I ended up holding the microphone upside down. I saw that and thought, “I am having a mental breakdown today.” With that thought, I teared up.

— Nayeon

3. Mina revealing what Jihyo said to her when she decided to return from her hiatus

Mina (Left) & Jihyo (Right)

In 2019, JYP Entertainment (TWICE’s agency) announced that Mina was going to take a break from her activities due to her struggling with extreme anxiety and insecurity. While Mina did make her return a few months later, she revealed that she felt a lot of fear when she made this decision.

Thankfully, Jihyo was able to encourage Mina, as she told her, “We can do this together. Just start slowly by doing what you can manage“.

4. Momo confessing that she used to fear singing

During an episode of TWICE: Seize The Light, Momo revealed that when she first became a trainee, she was afraid of singing. Momo even feared attending vocal classes, to the point where she cried before classes.

I was worried about it so much that I cried before class. Even before the first class, I was so worried.

— Momo

Momo then revealed that she didn’t think she was skilled enough to be taking vocal classes.

I was like, ‘I’m so bad at singing,’ and cried a lot in the vocal training room.

— Momo

Thankfully, Momo didn’t give up and continued attending classes.

5. Chaeyoung giving a heartfelt apology to the members

During an episode of Hometown Report, the members had to write letters for each other, and Chaeyoung’s letter had the members incredibly touched.

I tend to be cold, so I’m not very good at expressing myself. I’m sorry about that. I think that’s why I always tell you things through letters. I love you, guys.

— Chaeyoung