5 Foreigners Who Went On To Become Famous Celebrities In Korea

Do you recognize any of these faces?

While there are foreigners  who are some of the biggest acts in K-Pop, like BLACKPINK‘s Lisa who hails from Thailand or Somi, who was born in Canada, what about foreigners who are famous in Korea for other reasons?

BLACKPINK’s Lisa for Nylon China

You may not know about these foreigners who went to Korea and ended up becoming big stars in the country. Below is a list

1. Romina

Source: KBS World TV/YouTube

Romina is originally from Germany, moved to Korea as an exchange student. After hearing trot music for the first time, she decided to move to Korea and it eventually became her profession!

2. Sayuri Fujita

Source: KBS World TV/YouTube

Sayuri is a Japanese television personality who regularly appears on Korean programs, including KBS‘s Global Talk Show and JTBC‘s With You. She is known and loved for her frank personality.

3. David McInnis

Source: KBS World TV/YouTube

David is an actor who has appeared in dramas, such as the wildly popular Descendants of the Sun.

4. Sam Hammington

Source: KBS World TV/YouTube

Sam is an Australian comedian who is active in Korea. He’s appeared on Real Men, as well as Superman Returns. He is also a fan of BTS and recently thanked V for mentioning his children on Weverse!

5. Daniel Lindemann

Source: KBS World TV/YouTube

Daniel is a German who is an expert on Korean history and has lived in Korea for 11 years. He is a television personality and marketing manager and was a cast member on the JTBC Entertainment‘s program Non-Summit.

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