5 Gifs Of TWICE’s Momo Being So Funny And Relatable AF That You Can’t Help But Smile

Somehow, Momo is literally all of us.

K-Pop idols, they’re the shining stars in a dark world that make us want to touch the sky. Some of them are flawless and beyond reproach, while others seem to forget their roots and get lost in the allure of fame.

The women of TWICE, however, are in a category all their own with their unbreakable friendship, humility, and incredible levels of relatability. From Jeongyeon just being so done with a certain red carpet appearance, Dahyun and Nayeon roasting their boss, to pranking each other as friends do, each member of TWICE has had a moment that was relatable AF.

Here are 5 gifs of relatable Momo moments.

1. When she was asked “what did you do before coming here?” and she answered, “I was lying down.

2. When Momo was asked what she hated most in the world and she said, “when I have to wake up.

3. When she revealed her secret to staying beautiful and relieving stress was to eat.

4. When she shared that if she hadn’t become a singer she’d be jobless.

All right, so maybe we can’t be jobless, but we’ve definitely all had that feeling of “if I can’t follow my dreams then what am I doing?” at least once in our lives!

5. The fact that she said her number one treasure is her phone.

Gosh, why is Momo so funny and relatable? Who knows, but we’re sure glad she is because it put a smile on our faces, and we’re sure ONCEs will have a chuckle at these fun (and funny) moments too!