5 Of The Most Heartbreaking Things That Malicious Netizens Caused People To Do

Numbers 1 and 3 will make you cry.

Malicious netizens are one of the worst things about the Korean entertainment industry, as celebrities seemingly have to deal with them all the time. This has lead to some heartbreaking stories revolving around certain Korean celebrities. Here’s a list of some of the most heartbreaking things that malicious netizens have caused people to do.

1. Solbi’s mother learning how to curse out malicious netizens

Solbi recently made an Instagram post sharing a story about her mother. She revealed that her mother taught herself how to use the computer back in 2008 just so that she could fight back malicious netizens who were targeting Solbi.

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2008년 무렵에 어느날 엄마가 컴퓨터학원을 끊었다. 2G쓰시던 엄마가.. it에 아잇자도 잘 모르시던 그분이.. 왜 갑자기 컴퓨터학원을 끊었냐고 물었다. 그러자 엄마는 이렇게 말했다. "인터넷에 달리는 악플러들한테 얘기해주려고 우리딸 그런딸 아니라고 참 멋진딸이라고 그건 엄마가 잘안다고.." 그 얘길듣고 난 아무렇지 않게 웃고있었지만 침대속에서 펑펑울었던 기억이… 엄마 나를 낳아줘서 고맙구 나를 키워줘서 고맙구 나를 보살펴줘서 고맙구 나를 지켜줘서 고마워 그럼에도 불구하고 짜증내서 미안하고 더 주지못한다고 투정버려서 미안하고 바쁘다고 전화 빨리끊어서 미안하구 외롭게해서 미안해 엄마두 좋은화장품을 쓰고 싶어하는지 몰랐고 영화보는걸 이렇게 좋아하는줄 몰랐어 내가남긴 밥을 먹을때면 엄마는 배고파서 먹는줄만 알았고 쓰레기봉투가 그렇게 냄새나고 더러운줄 몰랐어 며칠전 엄마와 함께했던 맥주가 얼마나 맛있었는지.. 엄마와 함께 나눴던 대화가 얼마나 따뜻했는지 난 엄마가 함께있어서 참 행복해.. 내 인생 최고로 좋은선배가 되어줘서 고맙고, 내 인생 최고로 오랜친구가 될거라 믿을께.. 늘 지켜줘서 고마워 이제는 내가 엄마를 지켜줄께.. 사랑해♥ #어버이날 #가족 #엄마

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My mom said she did it to cuss out the malicious netizens online. She said she wanted to tell them that her daughter’s not like that. That she has an admirable daughter. That her mother knew that best.

— Solbi

2. Ham So Won questioning her marriage

On a recent episode of Channel A’s Heard It Through the Grapevine, Ham So Won shared that she has been struggling for quite some time from malicious DMs she receives due to her marriage to Jin Hua, who is 18 years younger than her. She revealed that she constantly gets DMs telling her that Jin Hua is going to eventually cheat on her.

Someone keeps sending me messages saying, ‘Your husband, Jin Hua will cheat on you with a younger woman.’

– Ham So Won

These DMs had quite an effect on Ham So Won, as she started to question if this was true.

Every time I get one of those messages, I end up asking Jin Hua, ‘Do you like older women or younger women?’ I can’t help reacting that way.

— Ham So Won

3. Chaeryeong’s (ITZY) mother begging netizens to leave her daughter alone

Chaeryeong has gotten attacked by malicious netizens from the time she debuted, and it even got to the point where Chaeryeong’s mother had to ask them to leave her daughter alone.

It’s very easy for you to say hurtful things about Chaeryoung. She is a kid that just debuted, she is a person I treasure more than anyone.

Even if you guys don’t find her pretty, you don’t have to leave hurtful comments on every article and video without hesitation. If she did anything that is bad then it’s fair to judge her. However, all you guys are doing is pointing at the appearance of a 19-year-old girl. Everyone has their own charms and everyone has their own preferences.

It’s so sad and hurtful to see my innocent and precious daughter get scolded for her appearance. Chaeryeong is a kind and well-mannered child. Please look after her, you don’t have to be nice to her but please don’t be hurtful. Please.

— Chaeryeong’s mother

4. Sexually harassing Joo Haknyeon’s (THE BOYZ) mother

When Joo Haknyeon was a contestant on Produce 101 Season 2, he heartbreakingly revealed that his father passed away a year before the show began. Some malicious netizens then decided to attack his mother, where they even went as far as sexually harassing her. It got to the point where Joo Haknyeon’s agency, Cre.Ker Entertainment, got involved

There have been many malicious comments these days defaming and even sexually harassing Joo Haknyeon’s mother, who is currently managing a farm by herself in the countryside. We earnestly ask you all to stop hurting a young boy who has lost a family member. Please stop with the sexual and insulting comments towards Joo Haknyeon’s mother.

— Cre.Ker Entertainment

5. Forcing Heechul (Super Junior) to make all his donations public

Heechul is someone who has always made donations in secret, as he doesn’t like getting attention for his actions. However, he recently revealed on an episode of Love of 7.7 Billion, that he was practically forced to make all his donations public due to malicious netizens.

I made a donation last year during the forest fires in Gangwon Province. I hate being praised by everyone, so I did it in secret, but I got a call from my agency. I was getting cussed out on the internet for not making a donation when all the other celebrities were. So my agency had no choice but to make the announcement.

— Heechul

Heechul also shared how malicious netizens are practically forcing celebrities to make donations, and creating a war where celebrities fight to see who can donate the most.

If you make a donation, they criticize you for ‘finally’ making a donation. I think they’re the ones putting us at a war of how much we donate.

— Heechul