5 Korean Celebrities Who Retired From The Entertainment Industry Due To Scandals

Number 2’s retirement is quite unique.

While a lot of celebrities go into hiatus after a scandal, there have been some celebrities who were practically forced to retire due to a scandal. Here’s a list of a few Korean celebrities who retired from the entertainment industry due to getting involved in massive scandals.

1. Seungri (Former member of BIGBANG)

In 2019, it was reported that Seungri was involved in the Burning Sun and Club ARENA investor prostitution ring. It was also reported that Seungri shared illegal hidden camera videos with other male celebrities in a group chat. Seungri’s image went spiraling down after this, and he soon announced his retirement due to everything that was going on.

This is Seungri.

At this point, I think it would be for the best if I retire from the entertainment industry. I decided on retiring from the entertainment industry due to the issues that I caused. The disturbance and issues in society are too big. Regarding the issues that are being investigated, I will accept all investigations and reveal all the suspicions.

While getting criticism and hate from the public for the past month and a half, and with all the agencies in the country currently investigating me, I am even being considered a traitor of Korea. Personally, I can’t tolerate harming everyone around me to save myself.

I would like to sincerely thank all the fans in Korea and around the world who have given me lots of love for the past 10 years. I think this is where my end [as a celebrity] will be, even if it’s [to protect] the honor of YG Entertainment and BIGBANG.

Again, I am sorry and would like to apologize once again.

I am so thankful to everyone up until now.

— Seungri

2. Jang Mi In Ae

Actress Jang Mi In Ae faced major backlash when she disapproved of South Korean President Moon Jae In‘s policy to provide financial aid for low-income families.

This is so annoying. Korea doesn’t have that kind of money. You gave our land away to someone else, too, didn’t you? Are you really a government that saves the citizens? What’s the worth of that 1 million won? Whenever I see the news, I go crazy with rage.

– Jang Mi In Ae

Her comments didn’t sit well with people, and she was harshly criticized for her attitude. However, she didn’t back down from her statements and soon announced that she was going to retire as an actress in Korea.

In light of the entire world going through this crisis, why are Koreans suddenly having a hard time? I didn’t understand why they’re suddenly giving citizens support from tax payers’ money, when it’s not even going to make a difference. After this, taxes will just go up, and I couldn’t keep my frustration to myself, which is why I uploaded that post. I don’t understand why Korea is doing this ahead of the general election. I’m just going to go my way. I didn’t know political remarks can be so sensitive and how much hate I could get as a result. I’m so sick of this. And to those who asked me if I donate, I do as much as I can. I’ve donated as much as I could given my finances. I feel foolish for worrying about my fellow citizens. I will no longer be active in Korea as an actress.

– Jang Mi In Ae

3. Jimin (Former member of AOA)


Former AOA member Jimin faced major backlash once it was revealed that she had bullied Mina during their time together at FNC Entertainment. Mina revealed in some social media posts some of the ways Jimin tortured her during their time together in AOA.


Jimin’s image went spiraling down, and she announced her retirement from the entertainment industry soon after.

Hello, this is FNC Entertainment.

First of all, we’d like to apologize for our managing artist Jimin and the controversy involving her.

Jimin has decided to quit AOA and retire from the entertainment industry altogether.

We, as the agency, feel responsible for the situation. We will work harder to provide better management for our artists. Again, we apologize for making the fans worry.

— FNC Entertainment

4. Choi Jong Hoon (Former member of F.T. Island)

In 2019, it was revealed that Choi Jong Hoon had illegally filmed and took photos of several women. He would also share these videos in a group chat full of other celebrities. It was also revealed that Choi Jong Hoon would go on trips to various parts of South Korea with the group chat members to rape women after getting them drunk. After all of this came to light, Choi Jong Hoon was forced to retire from the entertainment industry.

Choi Jonghoon, who has aroused criticism due to his involvement in recent scandals, has decided to depart from FTISLAND as of today. Choi Jonghoon will faithfully participate in police investigations within this week. He will permanently leave the team and retire from the entertainment industry.

ㅡ FNC Entertainment

5. Yang Hyun Suk

In 2019, Yang Hyun Suk chose to resign from YG Entertainment due to getting involved in some scandals, such as allegedly forcing people to change their statements about B.I’s drug scandal. 

This is Yang Hyun Suk.

I am so sorry towards all of the fans who have continued to love our YG artists. I am also sincerely apologetic towards our staff and executives who have continued to silently work hard amid the harsh criticism.

I have patiently endured this situation in which shameless and humiliating words are being thoughtlessly spread as if it is the truth. But I don’t think I can hold it in any longer. I thought there must be no more situations in which our YG artists and fans are hurt because of me.

I have devoted 23 years and half of my life raising YG. Supporting the greatest music and the greatest artists was my biggest happiness and I thought it was the one skill that I could provide to fans and to society.

However, I intend to step down from all positions and tasks from YG as of today. I sincerely hope that there will be no more damage caused to the YG artists and everyone who has loved them because of me.

YG currently has numerous professionals who are more capable than me. I believe by stepping down, it will create a good opportunity for them to live up to their full potential. Stabilizing YG as fast as possible is my sincere hope.

Finally, I believe that the truth of the recent reports and malicious gossip will be revealed through future investigations. Thank you.

ㅡ Yang Hyun Suk