5 K-Pop Idols Who Have Coolly Admitted To Getting Double Eyelid Surgery

Number 4 even jokes about his procedure.

While a lot of K-Pop idols like to be private about plastic surgery procedures, there are also plenty of idols who have been quite honest about their procedures. Here’s a list of some idols who have coolly admitted to getting double eyelid surgery.

1. Kyuhyun (Super Junior)

Before his debut, Kyuhyun got double eyelid surgery after he was persuaded by SM Entertainment. He’s even coolly admitted to getting surgery again once his double eyelids started disappearing.

2. Hyolyn (Former member of SISTAR)

Hyolyn has not only admitted to getting double eyelid surgery but also confessed about how she was interested in getting more procedures done.

3. UEE (Former member of After School)

UEE got double eyelid surgery before her debut, and her sister has even confessed about the procedure.

She only got her eyes done.

— UEE’s sister

4. Shindong (Super Junior)

| @earlyboysd/Instagram

Shindong is someone who speaks freely about his double eyelid surgery, as he’s even joked that he got a lot of new fans after he got it done.

5. Lizzy (Former member of After School)

Lizzy has never been shy talking about her double eyelid surgery or other procedures she’s had done, such as when she casually admitted to getting her double eyelids pinched up once they got loose.