5+ K-Pop Idols Who Got Seriously Injured Or Nearly Killed Due To Anti-Fans

Number 2 was an extremely close call.

Anti-fans can sometimes take extreme actions, as many idols have received death threats from anti-fans. There have also been some idols who’ve gotten seriously injured or nearly killed due to anti-fans. Here’s a list of some idols who had to deal with heartbreaking situations like this.

1. Yunho (TVXQ)

In 2006, an anti-fan disguised herself as a fan and gave Yunho some orange juice that had super glue mixed into it. After he drank it, Yunho almost immediately had to go to the hospital.

While Yunho was able to physically recover from the incident, it did lead to some mental fears for him. On an episode of Radio Star, he shared that he tried to overcome this trauma by drinking a bunch of orange juice.

I set 10 cans of the same orange juice in front of me and told myself to open it.

— Yunho

While Yunho did eventually overcome his trauma of orange juice, he did struggle in the beginning.

But as I opened the can, my hands started shaking. But I thought to myself, if I don’t drink this now, I’ll never be able to drink it again. So I held my shaking hand and drank it.

— Yunho

2. Han Geng (Former member of Super Junior)

When Han Geng was a member of Super Junior, an anti-fan disguised themselves as a fan and gave staff members a cake to pass along to Han Geng. When the staff opened the cake box, there were bags of blood, a knife, and a stabbed photo of Han Geng. It was also later revealed that the cake contained poison in the form of powder.

3. The members of Chakra

Former Chakra member Jung Ryeo Won, shared on an episode of SBS‘s Healing Camp, that some anti-fans once got angry at her for shaking hands with some male idols.

After seeing them shake hands, some anti-fans gave the Chakra members an acrylic board that had knives stuck under it. The knives were placed in a way so that when the board was opened, the knives would hurt the hands of the person opening it. Jung Ryeo Won shared that the Chakra members ended up hurting their hands due to this.

4. Yoon Kye Sang (Former member of g.o.d)

When Yoon Kye Sang was a member of g.o.d, he ran into a heartbreaking situation due to an anti-fan.

He received a drink from an anti-fan disguised as a fan. He ended up giving the drink to his mother, who got ill after drinking the beverage. His mother had to get rushed to the hospital to get her stomach pumped.

5. The members of A.C.E

In early 2020, an anti-fan attempted to use some super glue on the vehicle that A.C.E uses to damage parts of the car and to prevent it from working properly. A.C.E’s company, Beat Interactive, later released a statement on this incident and how the members got traumatized due to it.

Hello. This is A.C.E’s company, Beat Interactive.

There are fans who are concerned about what happened last night to A.C.E, so we would like to let everyone know of the current situation and explain our future course of action.

Yesterday evening around 10 pm, there was an attempt at a super glue terror attack on the artist’s vehicle near their practice room.

This is a case where the person had the intention of purposely harming the artist and damaging property by identifying the artist’s travel time and route in advance. Upon noticing the incident, we have reported it to the local police station, and are carrying out a close investigation through an analysis of CCTV footage. We will carry out sever punishment against the perpetrator with no leniency.

Due to yesterday’s incident, the A.C.E members (Jun, Donghun, Wow, Kim Byeongkwan, Chan) are feeling psychological anxiety and a fear of a recurrence of a same or similar event.

In response, Beat Interactive will actively deal with the issues related to the artist’s well-being and health without any compromise to those who caused it.

— Beat Interactive

Bonus: Na Hoon A

While Na Hoon A isn’t an idol, he is someone who got physically scarred due to an anti-fan. When he was performing on stage in the past, an anti-fan ran up on stage and slashed him across the face with a knife. The scar can still be seen on his cheek many years later.