5 K-Pop Idols Who Revealed That They Got Cheated On

These are just insane!

While K-Pop idols usually are more private about things like past relationships, some idols chose to be more open about their relationships. Some idols have even revealed that they’ve gotten cheated on in the past. Here’s a list of some of these idols.

1. Jiyoon (Former member of 4MINUTE)

During an episode of Video Star, Jiyoon shared a heartbreaking situation that happened during 4MINUTE’s debut. She revealed that she began dating someone at that time, but soon found out that he was a famous playboy.

Jiyoon ended up finding out that this male celebrity was dating multiple people while he was dating Jiyoon! This not only shocked Jiyoon but severely hurt her as well.

2. Hyosung (Former member of SECRET)

During an episode of Radio Star, Hyosung shared that nearly half of her past relationships ended due to her getting cheated on.

40 to 50% of my relationships ended with me being cheated on.

— Hyosung

Hyosung also shared a story of a time when she caught her boyfriend cheating on her.

One time, I saw my boyfriend’s text messages. I noticed that he kept looking at his phone while he was with me, so I thought it was weird and took a look. It said, ‘Baby.’

— Hyosung

However, her boyfriend wasn’t very truthful when she confronted him about the situation.

When I asked what their relationship was, he said it was a guy. So I asked him to call that person, but he stopped me and said they game together sometimes. He said his nickname in the game was ‘Honey’.

— Hyosung

3. Henry Lau

Henry’s story about his first love is a heartbreaking one, as she ended up cheating on him with his best friend. This traumatized Henry, as he hasn’t had a girlfriend since this incident.

I had an ex-girlfriend whom I dated for seven years in Canada [..] She cheated on me…with my best friend.”

— Henry Lau

4. Ailee

During an episode of Radio Star, Ailee revealed a heartbreaking story of how she caught her ex-boyfriend cheating on her in the past. She shared that she was going to surprise him at his birthday party.

On his birthday, I told him I can’t go to his party because of my homework. But I was already on my way.

— Ailee

When Ailee arrived at the party, she was shocked to see her boyfriend being affectionate with another woman.

My boyfriend was being physically affectionate with another woman and I saw it.

— Ailee

While her boyfriend tried to explain the situation, Ailee was already too heartbroken.

I was so shocked that I couldn’t say anything. Then my boyfriend said, ‘It’s a misunderstanding,’ but I had already seen everything.

— Ailee

5. Unknown female idol

During an episode of Dating DNA Laboratory, Dal Shabet‘s Subin shared a story about one of her idol friends. Subin revealed that one of her friends had gotten a boyfriend, who she thought was a great person.

One day, (my idol friend) said she got a boyfriend and she was telling me he was such a great guy.

ㅡ Subin

When Subin’s friend introduced her boyfriend to the other members of her group, she was in for a shock when she learned that her boyfriend was dating another member in the group!

She revealed her boyfriend to her members and it turned out that he was the guy another member was dating.

ㅡ Subin