5 Long Time K-Pop Trainees From The “Big 3” Who Finally Made Their Debut In 2020

#4 almost debuted with BLACKPINK.

Some K-Pop idols have years of training under their belt. For almost a decade, they honed their skills and talents in the biggest entertainment agencies in K-Pop. After much blood, sweat, and tears, they have finally made their debut.

Check out some of them below!

1. Bang Yedam

Bang Yedam is the main vocalist of YG Entertainment‘s newest rookie group, TREASURE.

He trained in YG Entertainment since 2013 after ranking second place in the program KPOP STAR Season 2.

With his incredible vocals, dancing, and rap skills, it’s no wonder he’s called “God Yedam” by those around him.

Yedam made his solo debut on June 5 with “WAYO” and his group debut on August 7 with “BOY”.

2. Hyunsuk

Another TREASURE member, Hyunsuk is the rapper, dancer, and “mom” of the group. He trained in YG Entertainment for 5 years after auditioning through V-Spec Academy.

His trainee life seemed longer than most as he participated in two survival programs from 2017-2019: MIXNINE, where he ranked 5th, and YG TREASURE BOX.

Hyunsuk appeared in Lee Hi‘s song “1, 2” in May 2019. He then debuted with TREASURE’s “BOY” on August 7, 2020.

3. Natty

Natty spent a significant part of her childhood in her former company JYP Entertainment. She trained from 2014-2017, and she even participated in the survival show that made TWICE, Sixteen. She was only thirteen when she competed against the other girls.

After leaving the company, she became a contestant in MNET‘s Idol School where she missed her debut with fromis_9 by ranking 13th.

Finally, after 6 years of training, she made her solo debut with “Nineteen” on May 7 under Swing Entertainment.

4. Jinny

Jinny is a former YG Entertainment trainee who was a trainee for around 5 years. She almost debuted with BLACKPINK as one of their rappers, being part of the original PINK PUNK lineup.

After leaving the company in 2017, she participated in Mnet‘s Produce 48 where she ranked 69th.

After years of training, she finally debuted in May 2020 with her group Secret Number.

5. Jihan

Finally, Jihan, also known as Han Jihyo, is a former SM Entertainment trainee. She trained in the large company for around 3 years before moving to PlayM Entertainment.

She is now the lead vocalist and lead dancer of Weeekly. With her fresh-faced visuals and obvious talent, it’s no wonder SM Entertainment got her as a trainee.