BLACKPINK’s Lisa Reportedly Bought A Private Plane And Invited BTS’s V And Park Bo Gum Along For The Ride
A true kind and rich queen!
BTS’s V Proves To Be A True Parisian Prince Ahead Of The CELINE Paris Fashion Show
From a private jet to clubbing, V is sharing his global superstar travels!
BTS J-Hope’s Solo Album “Jack In The Box” Is Coming – ARMY Can’t Contain Their Excitement
J-Hope may have spoiled the album’s title a while ago!
Former Idol Group Members Dish On Dating Amongst K-Pop Idols And The Reality Of Trainee Life
The girls spill the tea on life as a trainee, sneaking out of dorms, and how idols date.
BTS Make An Unexpected Cameo In The New K-Drama “Money Heist: Korea”
BTS is selling out concerts even in fictional universes!

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