5 Male Idols Whose Icy Cold RBFs Don’t Match Their Sunshine Personalities

The duality game is 💯.

Here are some of our favorite male idols from the world of K-Pop: BTS‘s Jimin, SEVENTEEN‘s Mingyu, MONSTA X‘s Joohoney, TXT‘s Yeonjun, and VIXX‘s Leo. When we see the faces on these idols, we immediately think of words like “Fierce”, “Charismatic”, and “Sexy Shmexy”. Okay, maybe not sexy shmexy. But you get it. The point is, these idols exude an aura — that certain surreal, too-good-to-be-true, how-dare-we-look-him-in-the-eyes aura. And when these idols put on their best RBFs, no smiles and all business, the aura explodes and we say, “The duality game is 💯.” We know through and through their sunshine personalities, of course! But boy, do they know how to pull off that icy coldness to shatter our hearts into a million pieces. Again.

1. BTS’s Jimin

If you know, you know. BTS’s Jimin has all the right for his UWU-est nickname of Manggae-ddeok, or Mochi. His personality consists of 145% aegyo and 155% of squishy. That’s 300% of pure huggable chimmy. Yet, according to K-ARMYs who have seen him in real life, Jimin boasts an incredibly intimidating vibe — to the point that it makes him seem “not human”. Duality? Yes, talk about duality. Talk about Jimin.

2. SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu

Carats endearingly refer to SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu as the Maltese of the group — and that’s for a good reason. Mingyu has an undeniably playful puppy energy that makes anyone and everyone drop what they’re doing and chase after him with treats. But does Mingyu look like a Maltese? That’s a different story. Towering at 6’2″ and built like a lean mean dancing machine, Mingyu has the vibe to make you scream, “Step on me! Step on me twice!”

3. MONSTA X’s Joohoney

Look. If anyone in K-Pop could embody the word “Boss”, it has to be MONSTA X’s Joohoney. Not only does he look like he doesn’t care about a single thing anyone says — he also spits mad fire that could seal the haters’ lips shut for life. But is he, is he really? Does his big boss, bad bitch exterior really match who he is inside? Uhhhhhhhm, no. You clearly haven’t met Uncle Honey yet.

4. TXT’s Yeonjun

Here’s a quick Korean 101 before we discuss TXT’s Yeonjun. The Korean slang kkari-hada (까리하다), stemming from the Busan dialect, means all the awesome things — like to be “Badass”, “Chic”, and “Eye-catching”. Inevitably, MOAs have come to associate this word with Yeonjun’s exterior because, well, he is indeed kkari-AF. Hidden underneath the kkari layer though, is Yeonjun’s most lovable goofiness! No one is exempt from Yeonjun’s dad jokes. No one.

5. VIXX’s Leo

When Leo debuted with VIXX, he didn’t have to try much before claiming K-Pop’s “Ice Prince” throne. We all knew the minute we saw: His chilling RBF could cool the hottest corners of burning hell, like Elsa got nothing on him. But what we also know is that Leo is actually the softest introvert. So yes, the shyness may come off as a bit cold and aloof — but once he lets his guard down, we realize. Oh no, no. He can’t form snowstorms. He is actually Olaf.