5 People In The Korean Entertainment Industry Who Were Rumored To Be Sasaeng Fans

There are even K-Pop managers who are possible sasaengs?!

While most sasaeng fans aren’t too closely tied to the entertainment industry, there have been some people in the Korean entertainment industry who were rumored to be sasaeng fans. This included people like managers, trainees, and even fellow idols. Here’s a list of some of these suspected sasaeng fans.

1. Trinity (Former member of GLAM)

GLAM was a girl group that debuted under Big Hit Entertainment in 2012. A lot of the members ended up leaving the group due to various reasons, where member Dahee left the group due to getting involved in a scandal. It’s rumored that member Trinity was practically forced out of the group due to her being a sasaeng fan of Super Junior‘s Leeteuk.

2. Weki Meki’s manager

One of Weki Meki’s managers got suspected of being a sasaeng fan when fans started noticing that he was showing unnecessary skinship with the members.

Fans started digging some more and found that the manager allegedly had been posting fan accounts about member Doyeon on a forum site called DC Inside under the username “SilverStar”.

I held Doyeon’s hand for about 3 seconds…I’ll write about it later…yes…she shook my hand and it wasn’t that I was holding on to her hand…there were so many people we were both kind of confused and forgot we were holding hands and walked on…

— 은스타 (SilverStar)

Fans suspected that “SilverStar” was Weki Meki’s manager since he shared a post about his experience of being called “manager-nim”.

I just died hearing Doyeon say ‘manager-nim’ I’ve heard it so many times but I want to hear it from Doyeon’s mouth so much…

— 은스타 (SilverStar)

None of this was ever confirmed, as Fantagio Entertainment never made an official statement about it.

3. Trainee Dahyun

Trainee Dahyun was originally going to be a member of a group called Pink Lace, but she ran into some controversy when she was accused of being a sasaeng fan of EXO‘s Sehun.

She got accused of being a sasaeng fan by EXO “fans” when she commented on Sehun’s Instagram account, asking him to support Pink Lace’s debut. While many started calling her a sasaeng fan, there was no proof to help support this statement. Her social media accounts soon got swarmed with negative comments, and she eventually deleted all of her accounts. Pink Lace’s debut ended up never happening, and it was never confirmed if Dahyun’s “incident” was a part of it.

4. WANNA ONE’s manager

When Jihoon was a member of WANNA ONE, one of their managers was accused of being a sasaeng fan of his.

This accusation started when fans noticed that the manager would be extremely rude to fans who interacted with Jihoon. Fans also explained that all the other managers were polite to them, but this one manager was the only one who treated them poorly.

One fan even shared their story of how that one particular manager snatched an autograph sheet that Jihoon was signing and handed it over without Jihoon’s permission. This caused the autograph to get smudged.

5. Eunjin (Playback)

Eunjin was originally going to debut in Playback in 2015, but she got accused of being an EXO sasaeng fan by some netizens. While these rumors were never confirmed, Eunjin did end up leaving the group right before their debut.

This didn’t affect her career too much, as she was added to Playback’s lineup in 2017.

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