5 Reasons Why You Should Be Stanning Red Velvet’s Yeri Right Now

It’s impossible not to love her.

Looking for a new girl group idol to add to your stan list? Here’s why you need to check out Red Velvet’s Yeri.

1. She’s such an underrated vocalist

While Yeri may not be in Red Velvet’s vocal line, that doesn’t mean she’s not a great singer.

Her melodic tone has a sweet and soothing quality, and her husky lower register is often the backbone of the group’s harmonies.

Many people don’t notice her vocal skills straight away, but when you take the time to listen, you’re sure to enjoy her singing.

2. She’s passionate about music

There’s no doubt that music means everything to Yeri. Aside from singing and performing, she’s also a passionate songwriter. Since Red Velvet debuted, Yeri has been writing her own lyrics and creating melodies for them.

In 2019, she was finally allowed to release “Dear Diary”, a song she’d been working on in her own time for months. The song is about her feelings regarding young adulthood, but she also wrote it to support fans at a similar point in their lives.

She also recently revealed to fans that she’s been working on writing a new song.

3. She’s absolutely hilarious

Of course, Yeri isn’t just talented. She also has a personality that’s impossible not to love—particularly where her humor is concerned.

Whether she’s shamelessly flirting with European guys…

… or getting “drunk” on non-alcoholic cocktails, she never fails to make everyone around her laugh.

4. She can be your isolation fitspiration

If COVID-19 isolation has you feeling lazy, don’t worry. Once you see how committed Yeri is to working out, you’ll suddenly feel a renewed sense of workout inspiration.

Yeri has been sharing her pilates photos on her Instagram account, @yerimiese, for a while now. Pilates is no easy feat, but she must be doing well at it because her figure certainly looks amazing.

5. She loves her fans like friends

Above all else, one of the best things about stanning Yeri is how she treats all her fans like her friends.

She always showers her “YR Reveluvs” with praise and comfort, and often refers to them as close friends.

Yeri also takes the time to meet fans whenever she can. She even made a surprise appearance at a birthday café event set up by fans back in March.

Red Velvet’s Sweetheart Yeri Shocked Fans By Showing Up To Their Café Event With TWICE’s Nayeon

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