5 Things That Netizens Need To Stop Criticizing K-Pop Idols For

Malicious netizens can be ridiculous.

K-Pop idols have to deal with criticism all the time, as malicious netizens often criticize them for absurd reasons. Here’s a list of things that netizens need to stop criticizing K-Pop idols for.

1. Dating

Some netizens aren’t in favor of K-Pop idols dating, as they believe that idols “betray” their fans by dating. When EXO‘s Chen announced that he was going to get married and become a father, some netizens decided to leave malicious comments about him and demand that he leave the group.

Thankfully, there were also lots of EXO fans who showered Chen with love for getting married. SM Entertainment also announced that Chen would be staying in EXO, as the other members wanted him to stay.

2. False accusations

Malicious netizens often make quick judgments about K-Pop idols, and this was the case for Super Junior‘s Heechul. During an episode of Love of 7.7 Billion, Heechul shared that he’s always been the type of person to make donations privately, as he doesn’t like to bring attention to himself.

However, he ended up having to make his donations public after some malicious netizens accused him of being someone that never donates.

I made a donation last year during the forest fires in Gangwon Province. I hate being praised by everyone, so I did it in secret, but I got a call from my agency. I was getting cussed out on the internet for not making a donation when all the other celebrities were. So my agency had no choice but to make the announcement.

— Heechul

3. An idol’s appearance

K-Pop idols are always getting judged by malicious netizens for their visuals, and this has led to some heartbreaking moments. ITZY‘s Chaeryeong is an idol who has had to deal with this for years, as netizens have left many malicious comments about her visuals.

It even got to the point where Chaeryeong’s mother had to step in and ask these netizens to stop.

It’s very easy for you to say hurtful things about Chaeryoung. She is a kid that just debuted, she is a person I treasure more than anyone. Even if you guys don’t find her pretty, you don’t have to leave hurtful comments on every article and video without hesitation. If she did anything that is bad then it’s fair to judge her. However, all you guys are doing is pointing at the appearance of a 19-year-old girl. Everyone has their own charms and everyone has their own preferences. It’s so sad and hurtful to see my innocent and precious daughter get scolded for her appearance. Chaeryeong is a kind and well-mannered child. Please look after her, you don’t have to be nice to her but please don’t be hurtful. Please.

— Chaeryeong’s mother

4. Harmless acts

K-Pop idols often get criticized for acts that don’t bring harm to anyone, and this has happened to the members of TWICE many times. One time, TWICE’s Japanese members decided to speak Japanese during a live broadcast.

Some malicious netizens decided to criticize the members for speaking Japanese, making comments like, “I just don’t want them to speak another language other than Korean. They don’t have family here. They’re basically here to make money and go, so it’s barely enough to even if they say ‘I love Korea’ in Korean“.

5.  Showing emotions

Throughout the years, K-Pop idols have gotten criticized for showing emotions when they’re in public, especially if they show sadness. Malicious netizens once bashed Red Velvet‘s Yeri for looking sad during the 2017 SBS Gayo Daejun. At the time, SHINee‘s Jonghyun had just passed away, and Yeri was devastated, as the two were quite close.

Despite this, netizens still criticized Yeri for “not being professional”.