5 Times BTS RM’s Rap Was So Good, He Left Fans Speechless

Everyone needs to listen to #4.

Like how J-Hope is a great dancer and V is an amazing vocalist, RM is beloved for his incredible rap skills.

In fact, he is widely acknowledged as one of the best idol rappers in the history of K-Pop.

Don’t believe it? Check out some of his best releases below!

1. “Do You”

RM was originally called “Rap Monster” for a reason! The mixtape RM was released in 2015, and “Do You” had its very own music video. His rap was strong and powerful on top of more monotonous beats, creating an intense yet enjoyable track. Listen to it whenever you want an inspirational rap that will lift your spirits!

2. “Forever Rain”

RM released “Forever Rain” on October 22, 2018. In comparison to his faster raps, this is a slow-paced song with highly emotional lyrics about exhaustion. Its introspective characteristics are what RM is particularly well-loved for.

3. “seoul”

“Seoul” (produced by Honne) is part of RM’s second mixtape, Mono. It’s a refreshing track that shows off his rhythmic brilliance.

4. “Joke”

Many ARMYs like to consider “Joke” as one of RM’s masterpieces—and for good reason, too. Not only is it an auditory pleasure, its deep lyrics and play on words mean that only a genius could have made it.

5. “P.D.D”

Last but not the least, RM released “P.D.D” five years ago, and it shows just how far he’s come. “P.D.D” is an abbreviation for “Please Don’t Die”, and RM basically told haters to not die before they could witness his success. It’s safe to say that he really did show them!

Did RM’s rap ever leave you speechless?