5+ Visual Factors That Make BTS’s Concerts So Aesthetically Pleasing

Other than hearing BTS live, these aspects can spice up the concert too.

Hearing BTS perform live can be more than enough reason for any ARMY to invest the time, money, and their entire lifetime’s worth of luck into booking concert tickets. Aside from the members’ beautiful voices though, there are additional unique visual aspects that do set BTS’s concerts apart. Here are the 5+ visually satisfying things that BTS concerts have to offer for the fans!


1. Awesome Sets

From the full on blow-up slide set for “Anpanman” to Jungkook‘s angelic flight across the audience for “Euphoria”, BTS really go all out when it comes to stage sets!


2. Trippy AR

During RM’s solo performance of “LOVE”, ARMYs can see RM create some trippy visual effects using augmented reality! The way he makes these images come to reality from his fingertips has rightfully earned him the nickname of Elsa from Disney’s “Frozen”.


3. Extravagant Fireworks

BTS do not take grand finales lightly. In fact, they will blow up every last bit of fireworks they can — giving ARMYs the visual explosion of their lifetime.


4. Magical Drones

And in case the never-ending fireworks aren’t enough glitz and glam for ARMYs, BTS have now incorporated drones to create a spectacle that fans will never, ever be able to forget.


5. Fancy Outfits

ARMYs at concerts also get to see BTS turn the stage into a private runway. From V‘s “fallen angel” look, to Jimin‘s white vs. black “Serendipity” styles… it’s an exclusive, ARMYs-only kind of fashion show!


6. Lit AF Bombs

One of the most interactive experiences ARMYs can have at the concert include their ARMY BOMBs brightening up the night and creating an ocean of purple for the members to see!


7. These Faces

Of course, most importantly — and most obviously, the best visual shock offered at the concerts are these gorgeous faces. These visuals have not ceased to become more breathtaking by the minute since 2013.

Source: THEQOO