5 Most Visually Pleasing Moments In BTS V’s “ON” Choreography

These are some mad moves!

BTS‘s V is reaching new heights with his stage presence in “ON” — his ability to express himself through dance has become beyond mind blowing. So what is it that makes V’s choreography so visually pleasing? Here are 5 moments from his “ON” performances that show how his expressiveness really adds the finishing touches to the choreography.

1. The Head

This moment has become one of the most iconic in the “ON” music video and live performances. Look at the expression on V’s face as he snaps his head back. ARMYs love watching how his face changes every nano second.

2. The Drum

The part in the choreography when the members take over the drums is satisfying indeed — but it is V’s ability to put on so many facial expressions that really makes him a scene stealer in the background.

3. The Neck

At one point, V makes sure that the camera gets a good full view of the neck tattoo which he opted to include in his visual concept for “ON”. His elegant movements through this part really shed light on his stylistic choices!

4. The Eye

During one of the many parts in which he takes center, V swings his arms around with the most charismatic energy. While doing so, he makes 200% use of the opportunity to boast his face. Fans are calling this crazed, one-eyebrow-raised, Joker type of look on his face the “Craziest Man On The Block” look.

5. The Wipe

Finally, when V takes center to do the signature “window wiping” choreography that is central to the “ON” performance, it is impossible to miss how the badass energy simply multiplies around him. With so much power and passion, V’s window wiping is breathtakingly satisfying to watch.