These 6 Songs Are Universally Loved By K-Pop Fans, According To Netizens

#3 is a banger to this day.

Song taste is something that is very objective and varies from person to person, especially in K-Pop. There are some exceptions to the rules, however, and those songs have become universally loved by fans of the groups that release the song and by non-fans.

In a post on the K-Pop subreddit, fans discussed what songs were the exceptions and most universally well-liked. Here’s a list of the most 5 mentioned songs:

1. “Very Nice (아주 Nice)” – SEVENTEEN

Posts about SEVENTEEN’s endlessAju Nice” almost always go viral on social media. The catchy chorus of the song is something that draws in fans and non-fans alike. The music video is currently the group’s third most viewed!

2. “Love Scenario” – iKON

A record-breaking hit, Love Scenario by iKON is loved by people of all ages and stayed on the charts for an amazing amount of time. It was the first track in 2018 to achieve a perfect all-kill and spent 204 hours at the PAK status. Sitting at 584 million YouTube views and 266 Spotify million streams alone, it is easy to see why this track was considered the representative song for the year 2018! Love Scenario is still well-loved by everyone, including other idols, to this day!

 3. Fancy – Twice

One of TWICE‘s catchiest and most danceable songs, “Fancy” has claimed a spot on the most universally liked K-Pop songs list. The song broke a huge number of records in 2019. Many praised Twice for the stunning visuals in the music video and the song is one of the few K-Pop songs to be featured on a Just Dance game!

4. Replay – SHINee

A classic, “Replay” by SHINee is known to K-Pop fans far and wide. TXT’s Taehyun has directly stated that the song played a part in inspiring his idol aspirations.

The first time I saw SHINee’s music video [for ‘Replay’] and watched their performance, I thought that they were really incredible.

— Taehyun

5. Just Right – GOT7

GOT7‘s “Just Right” served as an introduction to K-Pop for many fans. The music video’s fun and memorable concept along with the theme of self-love made for an amazing track. It was the group’s first music video to reach 400 million views on YouTube and remains in the top 5 popular songs on GOT7’s Spotify page.

6. Spring Day –  BTS

Known to fans as “Queen Spring Day“, BTS’s “Spring Day” is one of the group’s most popular songs to date. As of February 2022, the song had not left the Top 100 of Melon Weekly Chart for five years, making it the first song to ever achieve this. Outside of ARMY, Spring Day remains one of the group’s most popular and beloved songs amongst non-fans.


Source: u/Glassmice27