7 Incorrect BTS “Facts” That Could Be True But Aren’t 

This “fake news” isn’t far from the truth at all.

There’s a lot of misinformation about BTS floating around the internet, but who knows? One day these totally incorrect but seemingly accurate fake facts might become reality.

1. The walls of Jin’s apartment are covered with mirrors so that he can see his Worldwide Handsomeness from every angle.

Fans know that Jin never misses an opportunity to admire his reflection, and he’s never revealed the inside of his Hannam The Hill apartment.

| Big Hit Labels/Youtube.com

Does this mean that Jin secretly decked out the place like a disco ball? No…

| Mooyoung/Mooyoung.com


| Big Hit Labels/Youtube.com

2. Suga got a Master’s degree in history while filming for BTS WORLD.

Suga has a habit of dropping random snippets of historical information, like this lesson about the Maginot Line. Where did he learn all of these interesting facts…

…that put his members to sleep?

In 2017, Suga was rumored to be taking classes in his free time after fans snapped photos of him at a university. In reality, Suga was filming cut scenes for the BTS WORLD game, but hold on a second.

| @J1NxSUGA/Twitter.com

What if this was all an elaborate cover-up? What if he really was taking classes and filming for BTS WORLD? A genius like Suga could pull off this master plan!

| Netmarble/BTS WORLD

3. RM is fluent in six languages

If this fake news turns out to be real, will anybody be surprised? This certified genius is already fluent in English, and he never stops learning new skills. It’s only a matter of time before RM adds more languages to his repertoire!

4. J-Hope was an audience member for The Masked Singer during his “important business” in LA.

When J-Hope went abroad in 2019 for “important business” (aka filming the “Chicken Noodle Soup” MV with Becky G), nobody knew what he was up to. Given the timing, some fans thought that he might appear as a performer on The Masked Singer

| The Masked Singer/Youtube.com

J-Hope didn’t end up guesting on the show, but what if he went to the filming incognito? Hmm…

5. For interviews, the staff often puts velcro on Jimin’s chairs to prevent him from falling out of them

Jimin can do gravity-defying leaps across a stage, but can he sit in a chair like a normal person?


The staff doesn’t velcro his chairs, but maybe…they should?

6. Weverse already gave V his perfect attendance award, but he’s pretending they didn’t.

Weverse gave Jin an award for spending a lot of time chatting with fans on the app, and now ARMYs (and V) are hoping he’ll get one too.

| Weverse/Weverse app

V has playfully called out Big Hit Entertainment for not giving him the award, so much so that it’s becoming a running joke. What if V already has his award, but he’s keeping it to himself, just to keep the fun going?

7. Jungkook lifted up an ambulance on the set of “MIC Drop”.

BTS’s athletic maknae is strong, but just how strong is he? Strong enough to lift an ambulance?

As far as we know he didn’t do any powerlifting behind the scene, but Jungkook does like to use whatever is around him to exercise anywhere, anytime.