8 Moments That Show Just How Much BTS’s J-Hope And Jungkook Care For Each Other

They can’t live without each other.

We all know just how much the BTS members love their golden maknae Jungkook and they are always showing affection and love to him all the time.

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J-Hope in particular, loves to take care of the baby of the group and moments like this have been caught on camera many times. Jungkook also gives back the same amount of love to J-Hope too! Let’s take a look at some precious J-Hope and Jungkook moments!

1. Cuteness overload

In this clip, J-Hope waves to Jungkook who is driving in the car behind them and Jungkook makes cute faces and makes J-Hope laugh. The maknae sure knows how to make J-Hope happy!

2. Bunny Jungkook

J-Hope asks if he can sleep with Jungkook, but Jungkook is too busy wrapping his hands for boxing so J-Hope grabs his chin in a playful manner.

3. J-Hope’s protector Jungkook

Jungkook notices J-Hope is having a hard time flying his plane so he continues to stay by his side helping him find ways to make the toy work. This scene was a favorite among fans because it was just so pure and adorable.

4. J-Hope’s comfort zone

J-Hope, who is afraid of bugs, hugs Jungkook after a bug tries to attack him.

5. Jungkook laughs when no one else does

J-Hope dropped a joke but no one seemed to hear except for Jungkook, who laughed, making J-Hope smile.

6. He makes sure Jungkook doesn’t get sick

J-Hope brings a pair of long pants for Jungkook who is wearing shorts, making sure that he is warm when he comes outside.

7. He understands Jungkook blabber

Jungkook has a funny way of explaining things sometimes and J-Hope is able to catch everything he says.

8. Jungkook loves to be next to J-Hope

J-Hope tells Jungkook to stand on the other side, but Jungkook can’t help but want to stand next to J-Hope.

In the letters that the members wrote to each other during FESTA 2020, you can see just how loving and caring these two are!

Jungkook: J-Hope…You never show signs that you are having a hard time and I am thankful that we are together. I am a happy person because I have met a precious person.

J-Hope: JK. Jungkook…our Jungkook…I care for you and love you just the way you are…you trust me right? Thanks for always being with me! Don’t be sick and be healthy!

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The love they have for each other is unmatched and is the reason why the group gets along so well with one another!