9 Times Idols Made Cameramen Forget How To Do Their Jobs

They forgot all their training, thanks to these idols.

Being a K-Pop camera operator requires superhuman amounts of concentration and skill, but sometimes even the best cameramen make mistakes for totally justifiable reasons. Here are 9 times idols’ hilarity, visuals, and charms made these camera operators forget all their training.


1. When the New Journey To The West staff couldn’t handle this “shouting in silence” game

On an episode of New Journey To The West, WINNER‘s Mino and Block B‘s P.O played a game that made the staff nearly die from laughter.

For this game, P.O had to get Mino to guess a series of words. The hilarious combination of P.O’s extreme determination and Mino’s utter failure to guess correctly made everyone on set burst out laughing. For a moment, the cameraman completely lost focus because Mino’s answers were so outrageously funny!


2. When Red Velvet’s cameraman blurted out compliments at Irene

Camera operators are usually unseen and unheard, but sometimes they just can’t keep their thoughts to themselves. On an episode of Red Velvet Level Up Project Season 2, Irene spent some time learning calligraphy with a female staff member while the rest of her members were out sailing on a yacht.

As soon as this staff member left her seat, the cameraman blurted out how beautiful the shot was now that Irene was the only one in it.

The female staff member fired back by saying that the shot didn’t just suddenly become pretty just because she wasn’t in it!


3. When EXO Chanyeol’s visuals completely distracted a Gugudan photographer

When Chanyeol headed to Music Bank with the rest of his members, he caught everyone’s attention with his stunning visuals, including one particular fansite manager.

This fansite manager was so busy taking photos of Chanyeol‘s killer visuals that she missed her chance to photograph her Gugudan bias! After seeing these photos, many EXO fans hoped that the fansite manager would consider officially joining the EXO fandom.


4. When this 2018 MMA camera operator didn’t want to stop filming BTS’s Jungkook

Viewers couldn’t help noticing a tiny slip up during BTS’s “IDOL” at MMA. During the intro, the camera was supposed to transition between J-HopeJimin, and Jungkook each time they tossed a prop to each other to signal a change in focus from member to member.

Jungkook was the last member in the intro to perform. When he threw his mask, the camera was supposed to follow it, but there was a moment of hesitation. Since spotting the delay ARMYs have jokingly suggested that the camera op didn’t transition on time because he or she didn’t want to stop filming Jungkook!


5. When Oh My Girl’s Seunghee caught her fansite filming another member

During a fansign event, Seunghee caught her fansite camera filming fellow member Arin instead of her. Needless to say, she was not impressed.

Seunghee continued to express her disappointment throughout the fan sign, to let her fansite manager know that cheating would not be tolerated!


6. When The Unit contestants called out these cameramen for being fanboys

On an episode of The Unit, each contestant had to compete through auditions to find out who would stand in the center position during their performance for the  2017 KBS Drama Awards. During the auditions, former APRIL member Hyunjoo stole the hearts of the show’s cameramen.

As soon as the other contestants noticed, they teased them and jokingly complained about favoritism!


7. When this EXO fansite manager couldn’t resist snapping photos of BLACKPINK

During BLACKPINK’s Asia Artist Awards appearance in 2016, where they performed “Whistle” and “Playing With Fire”, EXO fansite master KNK took photos of the members performing. Why? Because they were too pretty not to photograph!


8. When AOA’s Hyejeong melted this cameraman’s heart

No one can resist Hyejeong‘s aegyo, not even the staff. One wink and this cameraman melted into a puddle of fanboy goo!


9. That time GFRIEND’s Eunha caught her camera operator switching loyalties

Idols do not take kindly to fans who switch biases, especially when it happens right in front of them! Eunha stomped cutely when she caught her fancam operator sneakily moving the camera to film Yuju instead. Yuju didn’t help the situation. She went out of her way to win the fansite’s heart by totally hamming it up!

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