The Actress Who Took Over 2022 K-Dramas: Seo Hye Won

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2022 was a year filled with many great K-Dramas, and one actress appeared in several of them.

Actress Seo Hye Won‘s first credit was in 2019 with MBC‘s Welcome 2 Life with her role as Ban Ji. The drama stars Rain as a lawyer who finds himself in a parallel world where he is a prosecutor.

In 2021, she began to appear more frequently in K-Dramas. You might have seen her as one of the bullies in tvN’s True Beauty, the survey woman in Kakao TV’s Mad For Each Other, Jang Se Young in JTBC’s Nevertheless, Hong Young Mi in Jirisan, or Jung Ba Reun in SBS’s Let Me Be Your Knight.

Seo Hye Won in “True Beauty.”

That’s a long list of credits. Yet, she appeared in even more in 2022. Check out her many roles in 2022 below.

1. Business Proposal (SBS/Netflix)

Seo Hye Won portrayed Jo Yoo Jung in Business Proposal, the spunky cousin of Jin Young Seo (Shin Ha Ri’s best friend). Jo Yoo Jung also is the director of Marine Beauty and falls for Jin Young Seo’s love interest Cha Sung Hoon.

Seo Hye Won in “Business Proposal” | SBS

2. Bloody Heart (KBS2)

If you think you might have seen Seo Hye Won in a period drama before, you’re right. She portrayed Hyang Yi in the historical drama Bloody Heart. 

Seo Hye Won (far right) in “Bloody Heart.” | KBS2

3. Alchemy of Souls (tvN/Netflix)

Yet, you most likely saw Seo Hye Won in Alchemy of Souls. She is a recurring character, So I.

Seo Hye Won in “Alchemy of Souls.” | tvN

4. Extraordinary Attorney Woo (ENA/Netflix)

You might have also recognized her as Choi Da Hye in Episode 11 of Extraordinary Attorney Woo. She was the mistress of the gambling, cheating husband.

Seo Hye Won in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo. | ENA

5. May I Help You (MBC/Amazon Original)

Seo Hye Won had a small role as Yoon So Ra in the fantasy rom-com May I Help You. 

Seo Hye Won in “May I Help You.” | MBC via AsianWiki

6. Alchemy of Souls: Light and Shadow (tvN/Netflix)

Seo Hye Won reprised her role as So I in the second part of Alchemy of Souls. 

Seo Hye Won in “Alchemy of Souls: Light and Shadow.” | tvN

7. The Fabulous (Netflix)

Lastly, Seo Hye Won was influencer Xena in Episode 5 of the Netflix original The Fabulous, which just premiered around Christmastime.

Seo Hye Won in “The Fabulous.” | Netflix
Source: AsianWiki

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