8 Fan Reactions To The Message Behind Aespa’s New Song “Life’s Too Short”

In simplest terms, “go touch some grass.”

Aespa took the Coachella 2022 main stage by storm with insane live vocals and stellar stage presence. Their newly debuted, on brand song, “Life’s Too Short,” has fans reflecting on the message behind the lyrics. Here are 8 reactions to the relatable track.

1. The crowd loved them

This new song became a chance for the girl group to prove they have the talent it takes to perform at such a widely recognized event.

2. Life’s too short

Spending time hating on others achieves nothing. Life is too short.

3. Don’t hide behind a phone

One part of the lyrics go, “Some people are so mean, all behind a phone screen.” It’s easy to say hateful things on the internet, sometimes it’s best to take a break.

4. It’s just an appetizer

It has fans ready for the next album. If this is only the beginning of a new era, great things are in store.

5. The vocals

The vocals for the song are incredible, as always. Aespa’s live vocals shine.

6. The interactions

Fans were loving the sweet interactions between members. They’re all in this together, after all.

7. Just everything

With this song, aespa proved they can do it all. They’re on the “Next Level.”

8. The entire performance

The entire performance displayed the message of the song nicely. The message stands…”life’s too short.”