10+ ARMY Reactions To BTS’s Jin, Jungkook, V, And J-Hope’s Live Broadcast That Are Too Real

It was so fun and chaotic!

On March 7, BTS‘s Jin, J-Hope, V, and Jungkook surprised fans with an unexpected live broadcast. As expected with this group, the live broadcast was full of both fun and chaos, including the members clowning ARMYs, creating rumors, talking about the upcoming concerts, Jin’s new hair and “Super Tuna,” and much more.

From left: Jungkook, V, Jin, and J-Hope of BTS. | BTS/VLIVE

Of course, the fun didn’t end there. Here are 10+ of the best ARMY reactions to the live broadcast…

1. It’s not a Jungkook live broadcast without a “Party Party Yeah!”

2. Living emojis

3. BRB, crying

4. It’s multipurpose!

5. Hyung card activate!

6. J-Hope is a born dancer, after all.

7. Instant serotonin

8. Straight facts.

9. V stays exposing ARMYs.

10. Who knew J-Hope and Zendaya had so much in common?

11. Jin’s imitation of K-ARMY has us in tears.

12. Jungkook is forever our maknae!

13. The return of the “TATA Mic Face.”

14. Some things never change.

15. A new meme was born.