BLACKPINK Has Already Had Numerous Solo Activities Since Debut, Here’s A Rundown

Busy girls 🥰

BLACKPINK has been one of the top K-Pop groups for many years now, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the members are all popular by their own rights. From variety shows to commercials, they excel in whatever they set out to do!

Read on to see a rundown of their many individual activities!

1. Jisoo

Jisoo was an SBS Inkigayo MC and is currently a Dior Beauty local ambassador. She has made cameo appearances in The Producers and Arthdal Chronicles. She has also filmed CFs for Samsonite Red, Nikon 1 J5, Smart Uniform, Angel Stone, LG Stylus 2, and Kiss Me mascara.

2. Jennie

Jennie made an appearance in Village Survival, the Eight in 2018. She is a Chanel Beauty muse and Chanel global ambassador. Aside from this, she has filmed CFs for HERA, Samsung, Calvin Klein Jeans, and Air Baked. She is the first BLACKPINK member to have released a solo album and a line of sunglasses with GENTLE MONSTER called JENTLE HOME.

3. Rosé

Rosé is an Yves Saint Laurent 2020 F/W campaign model. She has appeared in CFs for Kiss Me mascara and Perfect World Game. She also sang alongside fellow singers 10cm, Jihyo, Chanyeol, Yook Sungjae, Jihyo, Yuju, and Kim Jaehwan at the 2017 SBS Gayo Daejeon.

4. Lisa

Last but not the least, Lisa is a famous CELINE brand ambassador. She has made an appearance in Real Men, and she was a Youth With You dance mentor. Furthermore, she has shot many CFs including ones for Moonshot, a Thai mobile service known as AIS Mobile, and Ragnarok M: Eternal Love.

What all four BLACKPINK members have in common besides their busy schedules is their ambassadorships for luxury brands. Check out below why they’re the perfect match for the brands they endorse!

Here’s Why Each BLACKPINK Member Perfectly Matches The Luxury Brands They Endorse

Source: Nate