5 Most Adorable Things BLACKPINK’s Jennie Did In Her Vlog That Will Make You Smile Today

She’s precious. 🥺

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie shared bits and pieces of her life in her latest vlog “Jennie’s Everyday Essentials.” Besides showing everyone her top twelve most needed items, she made BLINKs smile with her cute personality.

Check out some of her most adorable moments below.

1. When she was confused

The name of the iconic Disney character, Daisy Duck, flew right over Jennie’s head when describing the character on her favorite clip. She hilariously ended up calling it, “Donald’s…girl.”

2. When she was embarrassed

Another essential item according to the BLACKPINK rapper is a brush. When she held it up to the camera, she quickly retracted her hand as she spotted strands of hair on it!

3. When she was shy

As one of the most popular celebrities around the globe, it’s no wonder fans can’t help but approach Jennie. She becomes utterly shy, however, when they mention her YouTube channel.

4. When she wrapped it up like a kid’s show

Heart effects perfectly matched Jennie’s high energy when she concluded her list.

And that’s it for my introduction of my must-have items!

— Jennie

5. When it was not over yet

But wait! Don’t leave just yet! Jennie had the cutest high toned voice when she exclaimed, “It’s not ending?” The director behind the camera told her she needed to act cute as an outro for the vlog, and she delivered with the biggest flying kiss.

Check out the heart-stopping vlog below!

Source: YouTube


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