BLACKPINK Jennie’s 12 Most Iconic Moments From 2022, According To BLINKs

#4 was a cultural reset.

Now that 2022 has come to an end, it’s time to look back on all of BLACKPINK Jennie‘s best moments from the past year! From hilarious moments to viral trends, check out some of the most memorable things Jennie went viral for this year, according to BLINKs.

1. When she lived her best life twerking during their world tour

2. When she convinced Porsche’s CEO to do hand hearts with her

3. When the rapper Jennie made a comeback with Born Pink

4. When she suddenly dyed her hair orange and started a bold trend

5. When she showed the hilarious realities of taking a sexy Instagram photo


6. When she looked absolutely stunning attending Coachella


7. When she did the cutest aegyo for BLINKs, despite not knowing what it is

8. When she showed off her flawless figure in a Calvin Klein photoshoot

9. When she had a bit too much fun at the Jacquemus afterparty

10. When she looked like a goddess by simply drinking water

11. When she went viral among non-fans for this meme

12. When a lucky fan uploaded this fancam video


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