5 Moments That Prove BLACKPINK’s Lisa Is An Aries Queen

Lisa is a total Aries!

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa is a total Aries!

BLACKPINK’s Lisa | @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

Aries are known for being fearless, optimistic, spontaneous, and courageous. They’re very bold, and they have a great sense of adventure.

Here are 5 times Lisa proved she’s a true Aries!

1. When she took over the world with her crab dance

Aries doesn’t mind being the center of everyone’s attention, and they love to make people laugh! Lisa made her fellow members, the Knowing Bros cast, and BLINKs all over the world laugh with her iconic crab dance.

2. When she was the best mentor ever

Lisa was a great mentor on Youth With You! People born under the sun sign Aries make great leaders, and they know how to help other people bring out their strengths. Lisa knew exactly how to help each of the trainees on this survival show level up their dance skills, and she knew when the trainees needed a bit of tough love to help them improve.

3. When she was totally fearless on BLACKPINK House

Like any Aries, Lisa is always ready for an adventure! When the members went ziplining, she was absolutely thrilled to go on an adventure, and she wasn’t scared at all.

4. When she turns into the savage maknae

Aries are extremely playful, and they love to joke around. Although Lisa is very sweet, she playfully teases the older members at times. Both the members and BLINKs love Lisa’s playful personality, and her jokes are always well-received!

5. When she made gifts for BLINKs

Although Aries are known for their fiery personalities, they have hearts of gold! Lisa wanted to make special gifts for BLINKs who got golden tickets in their copies of the LALISA single album, and she decided to make tie-dyed hoodies to send to them. She put a lot of thought into each hoodie, and she carefully picked out color schemes for each one. Lisa made each hoodie with love, and she proved just how big her heart is!

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