“Drop Your F*ckin’ Money”: 5 Of BLACKPINK Lisa’s Boldest Onstage Moments

#4 is maybe her most iconic performance ever.

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa is not only continually referenced as one of the best dancers in K-Pop, but she is always impressing fans with her skills and innate charisma and energy that she brings her every performance.


No matter the stage, Lisa always ensures that fans will get swept up in her dynamic energy and won’t be able to take their eyes off her performance.

Here are five of Lisa’s boldest onstage moments.

1. “Money” at Coachella 2023

BLACKPINK’s legendary performance at Coachella 2023 was full of unexpected moments from fans, including the members’ sexy new choreography and the changes the members made in the lyrics of some of their songs.

BLACKPINK at “Coachella 2023” | @BLACKPINK/Twitter

One such change was when Lisa performed her solo song “MONEY.” Although her performances of “MONEY” always garner attention for her addictive energy…

BLACKPINK’s Lisa performing “MONEY” during the “BORN PINK” world tour | @personalblink/Twitter 

At Coachella 2023, Lisa made headlines by performing an explicit version of the song that fans absolutely loved.

I came here to drop some money, drop your f**kin’ moneyDrop some money, motherf**kin’, yeahTwerking, twerking when I buy the things I likeDollar, dollars dropping on my a** tonight

— BLACKPINK Lisa’s “MONEY” lyrics during “Coachella 2023”

BLACKPINK’s Lisa performing “MONEY” at “Coachella 2023” | @PopBase/Twitter

2. Pole dancing during the BORN PINK world tour

Lisa has shown off her astounding pole dancing skills multiple times through performances and music videos. She’s even impressed her teachers with how easily and quickly she picks up the necessary choreography.

But when Lisa showed off her pole dancing at the group’s first BORN PINK concert in 2022, she sent the internet into a meltdown.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa pole dancing at a “BORN PINK” concert in France

3. Joining the “visible thong” trend during the BORN PINK world tour

Many K-Pop idols have joined the “visible thong” trend in casual outfits, stage outfits, or other noteworthy looks. But fans weren’t expecting Lisa to join the trend with one of her BORN PINK world tour stage outfits, and while Lisa’s stage presence would have been enough to captivate fans anyway…

BLACKPINK’s Lisa rocking the “visible thong” trend

Her unexpectedly bold stage outfit only highlighted her insane charisma.

4. Dancing to “SWALLA” at the In Your Area World Tour

When K-Pop fans think of viral Lisa stages, the first that will come to mind are likely her iconic “SWALLA” stages.

Every time Lisa took the stage to perform the revamped version of “SWALLA” during the In Your Area World Tour, fans were breathless as Lisa showed off her incredible dance skills and stage presence.

The bold moves of the choreography made Lisa’s performances especially noteworthy as they showed off her tremendous confidence and energy.

5. Twerking during the BORN PINK world tour

Whenever she’s performing, Lisa shows fans just how much she loves being on stage. During the group’s BORN PINK world tour especially, Lisa had fun getting the audience engaged during her solo performances. Whether she was getting the crowd to be silent…

Or, causing them to cheer loudly as she playfully twerked, Lisa proved that she has complete command of the stage the second she steps on it.

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