Pinkchella: 7 BLACKPINK “Coachella 2023” Moments That Were So Good They Stole The Show

#5 even went viral!

BLACKPINK thrilled thousands of in-person fans and millions of livestream viewers with their jaw-dropping performances at the Coachella 2023 festival. As expected from one of the top girl groups in the world, they slayed from start to finish.

In no particular order, here are 7 BLACKPINK moments that absolutely stole the show.

1. When They Incorporated Korean Culture

As a K-Pop group, they didn’t miss the chance to incorporate Korean culture. People were quick to notice that they had used a dancheong for the stage, which is a traditional Korean decorative coloring on wooden buildings and artifacts.

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2. Jisoo’s Chair Dance

Next, “FLOWER” singer Jisoo left everyone stunned with her hot dance moment on a chair during the group’s “Pretty Savage” stage. Fans screamed that she “devoured” and was “Hot AF” and “insane in Coachella.”

3. Rosé’s Solo Performances

When Rosé performed her solo songs “On The Ground” and “Gone,” she left no crumbs. Even people who didn’t know who she is were mesmerized by her commanding stage presence!

4. JenLisa’s Chemistry On Stage

The rappers of the group, Jennie and Lisa, were so good that people started demanding an official subunit debut from them. With their insane confidence and skills, it’s no wonder all eyes were on them.

5. Jennie’s Wardrobe Malfunction

For Jennie’s “You & Me” solo stage, she accidentally had a wardrobe malfunction when her skirt got stuck on her shoe while dancing. However, she didn’t break focus for a single moment and continued to own the stage.

6. Lisa’s Explicit Version Of “MONEY”

No one expected this one! The Thai rapper treated fans to a new version of her viral song “MONEY,” this time adding swear words to the lyrics. She slayed with her flawless dance moves and incredible stage presence.

7. Jennie’s Rap And Dance Break

Last but not the least, Jennie added new rap lyrics and a dance break to her unreleased track “You & Me,” much to the delight of the audience. Similar to Lisa, people were shocked by the new lyrics!

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