10 Unedited Pictures And Videos Of BLACKPINK Lisa’s Real-Life Visuals At Celine’s Paris Fashion Show

Video #8 has over one million views already!

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa was the main event at Celine’s Men’s Winter 2023 Fashion Show in France.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa | Celine

| Celine

Excited crowds waited to cheer for the stunning idol.

And the head of editorial content for GQ France credited Lisa in an Instagram story with having “helped make Celine desirable again.”

Unedited pictures and videos from the fashion show highlight Lisa’s stunning natural beauty.

Here are ten examples.

1. When she captured everyone’s attention with her entrance

She even walks like a model.

| @LiliesHome_/Twitter 

| @LiliesHome_/Twitter

2. When even her walking is captivating

Who else waved back?

| @Iiliworld/Twitter 

3. When she admired the designs on the runway

The video is from further away, but Lisa still instantly grabs your attention, especially when she smiles.

| @PPfahsai1/Twitter 

4. When she was the definition of “wow

She may have thought the fashion was “wow,” but fans are only focused on her.

| @super_manoban/Twitter

5. When she instantly knew how to pose for pictures

We’d lose a staring contest in a heartbeat.

| @Iiliworld/Twitter 

6. When she is adorable, even waiting to greet someone

Even her “Hi” is cute!

| @LaliceUpdates/Twitter 

7. When even from far away, she’s the first one you notice

Lisa seemed to enjoy the after-party!

| @Iiliworld/Twitter 

8. When she showed off her insane duality

The video has already gone viral with over one million views.

| @Iiliworld/Twitter

9. When she looks effortlessly stunning even waiting to take pictures

| @Iiliworld/Twitter

| @Iiliworld/Twitter

| @Iiliworld/Twitter

| @Iiliworld/Twitter

10. When even a blurry picture still looks ethereal

The very definition of photogenic.

| @super_manoban/Twitter

You can see more of Lisa’s real-life visuals here.

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