10 Outstanding “Youth With You 3” Trainees Who Were Praised By BLACKPINK’s Lisa

“Ooh~ Tony.”

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa is the dance mentor of iQIYI‘s survival program Youth With You 3. She directed many words of criticism to the 118 trainees before every stage, but that’s not to say that no one impressed her. In fact, she was awed by the skills of numerous trainees!

Check out some of the lucky trainees who stood out to her below!

1. Tony

First up, Lisa made fans and non-fans alike focus on Tony (Yu Jingtian) in the first episode of the program. His first performance made her say, “Ooh~ Tony,” one of the most iconic lines spoken this season!

Fun Fact: He even gave his own reaction to the video in a solo interview.

2. Neil

Lisa was amazed when Neil and Liu Jun were able to finish the theme song in just six hours. During her class, they both stood out for their powerful and “perfect” dancing.

Liu Jun (Left) and Neil (Right)

Lisa later complimented Neil on his vocals and dance during his one-take shot for the theme song.

Great moves. Really good. Probably the best opening so far.

— Lisa

He even became her top pick among the “Cinderella” teams during the Studio Battle performance.


One of Lisa’s first words of encouragement to KINGSTON, a Shining Star Culture Entertainment (YG China) trainee, was, “This time, you killed it.” She liked his fast improvement before the “New Creatures” position evaluation stage.

In Episode 18, she promised to make him stand out if he joined her team during the mentor collaboration event.

Come to my team. Your dance is great and you work hard but you’ve never been the center. Under my instruction, you will shine brightly.

— Lisa

4. BoogieFish

BoogieFish is one of the most prominent dancers this season, and his popping technique is unmissable. When he performed “OKAY,” he proved he was a capable lead dancer.

Lisa praised him during the Studio Battle stage, saying, “Caoyu (BoogieFish) was very prominent today.”

5. Luo Yizhou

In the second episode, Lisa praised Luo Yizhou for owning the stage when he danced “Tiger” with his label mates.

It’s said that you danced for 11 years in classic and local dance, and you can somersault. You made a big impact.

— Lisa

After seeing his solo performance, she called it “amazing” with “barely any flaws.” In fact, she thanked him for showing her his dance!

6. Kachine

Kachine’s solo performance after he performed “Tiger” with his team was ethereal from his music choice to his costume and of course his moves.

Lisa called his dance “beautiful” in many ways.

It’s beautiful as a whole. Beautiful lines, soft and powerful. Good control on your body. Pretty. It looks consistent. Perfect on the whole.

— Lisa

7. Liang Sen

Next up, Lisa went so far as to say she wanted to be Liang Sen’s student after seeing his first performance! His Latin style dance stood out, and it led her to praise him profusely.

I’ve never seen something like that before. It seems this show isn’t a competition but a place to have fun. Very good. Very fluid. You created your own dance style.

— Lisa

8. Yang Haoming

In one of the classes for the concept evaluation stage, Lisa singled out Yang Haoming for acing it as the center of “Way Up.”

The center, Haoming. I heard you cried after the last lesson. Don’t cry today. You’ve done a great job today.

— Lisa

Thanks to his and his teammates’ efforts, “Way Up” received the most points out the five teams!

9. X

It’s clear to fans that Lisa’s bias this season is none other than X (Duan XingXing)! She directly told the crew that he was “her favorite” after she learned that he received zero votes during the position evaluation stage. Afterwards, he kept catching her eye with his hard work and skills.

Their interactions are legendary!

10. Liu Jun

Finally, the list would not be complete without the show’s top choreographer, Liu Jun! She gave him the highest praise possible after watching his first stage: “I’m too humble to judge. I should learn from you.”

Lisa recognized that he was “a professional dancer” who can successfully convey several emotions in every performance.

There were more trainees who stood out from the crowd for various reasons. Check out Lisa’s one-picks for the Studio Battle below!

6 Exceptional “Youth With You 3” Trainees Who Were Recently Singled Out By BLACKPINK’s Lisa