BLACKPINK All Wear Red Outfits Differently—Here’s How

Which one has your fave style?

BLACKPINK is one of the idol groups who lead the fashion scene. With their impressive visuals and eye for what’s trendy, they’ve consistently amazed fans with their outfit choices.

Even when they wear the same color, they have different fashion styles. Check them out below!

1. Jennie

First up, red brings out Jennie’s sexy side the best. With her deep-set makeup, styled hair, and an expression full of confidence, it’s hard to look away.

| @jennierubyjane/Instagram
| @jennierubyjane/Instagram

Though Jennie once said that she “never wears red”, it’s one of the colors that brands can’t help but dress her in—and it’s easy to see why!

| @jennierubyjane/Instagram
| @jennierubyjane/Instagram

2. Jisoo

Jisoo’s elegant visuals are emphasized whenever she dons red outfits. She pairs them with fine jewelry and simple makeup that bring out her eye-catching features.

| sooyaaa__/Instagram

Simple clothing is the most powerful type! She turns heads no matter where she is or what she’s wearing.

3. Rosé

Rosé, meanwhile, is more professional and cool in red as she usually wears blouses instead of crop tops or dresses.

She looks every inch the boss that she is in crimson blazers and high knee boots.

4. Lisa

Last but certainly not the least, Lisa is youthful and trendy in red clothing. She often tries out unique styles like crop tops with bows and cut up cardigans.

| @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

Even in more casual clothing, she has a preference for outfits that not everyone can look as good in.

When it comes to fashion, all BLACKPINK members are memorable. Check out how they style more simple outfits below!

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