THE BOYZ Are One Of The Funniest K-Pop Boy Groups—Here Are 7 Moments To Show It

They really are so chaotic.

As one of the pioneers of 4th generation K-Pop, THE BOYZ are incredibly talented—but also incredibly chaotic. If you need a good laugh, check out these 7 moments of them being their funniest selves.

1. Q’s Starbucks menu

During a live broadcast with New, Q revealed his favorite thing at Starbucks aren’t the drinks, but the tissues.

2. New eating a fork

He was just trying to have a nice meal when he realised he was chewing on something that wasn’t quite edible.

3. Jacob not knowing how to use a blender

He tried to attach the kettle to the bottom of the blender, then wondered why it wasn’t working out.

4. Juyeon’s onion-cutting outfit

Everyone knows swim goggles are a kitchen essential.

5. Eric poking himself right in the eyes

Fake glasses can be dangerous sometimes.

6. Sunwoo is always ready to strike a pose

Even immediately after waking up, he was ready for that selca.

7. Their reaction to Q sneezing

They did not want anything to do with him, not in a pandemic!


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