Former Brave Girls’ Eunyoung To Get Married — Here’s The Whereabouts Of The Other Former Members

Here’s what the 6 past members are up to today.

Brave Girls actually made their debut back in mid-2011, but the current members (Yujeong, Eunji, Yuna, and Minyoung) actually joined the group in 2016. 2021 would mark their 5th year with the group. Although Brave Girls only recently skyrocketed in popularity suddenly, did you know that there were 6 other members prior?

Timeline of members for Brave Girls. | kprofiles

It was recently announced in the news that one of the OG members, Eunyoung, is preparing to get married. While she’s ready to become a blushing bride, what about the other members up to? Read on to find out!

1. Eunyoung

As mentioned, Eunyoung is preparing for her upcoming wedding. Eunyoung was the leader and main vocal of the group. She is now a Pilates instructor.

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She is also the niece of actor Shin Ha Gyun. Having majored in ballet, Eunyoung was a rare gem in the industry! She will be married in May 2021.

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2. Yejin

Yejin was reported to have left the group due to overseas studies but revealed later on that the true reason was because of their manager. She revealed that their manager would drive recklessly while playing games in the car, causing her to quit out of fear for her life. She now works as a freelance model and show host. She also won Miss Korea Seattle during her studies overseas.

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3. SeoA

SeoA went on to become a highly subscribed YouTuber. She started out streaming on AfreecaTV before making the switch. She now has over half a million subscribers on YouTube. Check out her channel, SeoA TV.

| @seoa_p/Instagram

4. Hyeran

Hyeran works multiple jobs currently, as a video editor, content creator, and dancer. She recently made a choreography for (G)I-DLE‘s “Oh My God”.

5. Yoojin

Yoojin is leading a life as a normal person. She does not reveal many details of her current life and career, but updates her fans with refreshing selfies!

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6. Hayun

Hayun is now a famous TikToker. She has over 5 million followers on TikTok. Hayun operated a Twitch stream for gaming and later moved on to TikTok where she found fame. She operates under the name Dalha, which is a shortened form of Running Hayun in Korean. Check out one of her videos below.


#pov { the rich girl meets the new girl at school}부자들만 다니는 엘리트학교에서 전학생을 만난다.#하챠플레이#하이틴 ( Voice@alyssamckayyy ✨)

♬ new girl – alyssa mckay 🦋

It seems that the girls are still close. The original line-up of SeoA, Eunyoung, Yejin, and Hyeran met up recently to celebrate Eunyoung’s marriage. Looks like alls well, ends well, with each member being successful in their own right even after leaving the group.