Brave Girls’ Yejin Confesses She Quit Being an Idol Because of Her Manager’s Behavior

Yejin revealed that she felt like her life was at risk.

Former Brave Girls member, Yejin recently uploaded a YouTube video titled, “The Reason Why I Quit Being a Girl Group Member“.

Yejin started off her confession by revealing that she was the first one to express the desire to quit.

Among the Brave Girls members, I was the first one to be like, “No, I’m not doing this” and run out of there.

– Yejin

According to Yejin, there were various reasons such as income and fame in regards to why she quit, but her biggest reason was an incident that occurred with her manager.

Yejin revealed that there were multiple times when she felt like her life was at risk.

We had a road manager who just started. He was playing the phone game “Anipang” while driving on a rainy day.

– Yejin

And that’s not all. The manager also drove on the freeway with his feet on the dashboard.

Yejin was so infuriated by this that she told her mother, and her mother called the agency to make a complaint.

But when the agency told them to mind their own business, Yejin’s parents told her to quit the girl group due to safety reasons.

My parents told me to quit the girl group. In the end, what made me quit was safety.

– Yejin

Yejin debuted with Brave Girls in 2011 and withdrew from the group in 2013.

Source: Insight
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