9 Predictions For BTS’s 2022 Album That Are Too Good Not To Come True

What are your predictions?

It’s been over a year since BTS released their BE album, and fans can’t wait to hear what’s next. What will this new chapter” for BTS’s music entail? Check out these 9 predictions!

1. The album name

Although the name of BTS’s next album has not been revealed, fans believe it could have something to do with a new beginning. ARMYs have suggested related titles, including “New Chapter”…


…and “The Beginning of a New Era,” just to name a few.

2. 7FATES?

This year, BTS is releasing a new fantasy webtoon called 7Fates: CHAKHO. Will it tie into their new album?

It’s possible! After all, as one fan pointed out, BTS’s previous webtoon Save Me had connections to BTS’s MAP OF THE SOUL albums, which tied into The Most Beautiful Moment In Life albums’ storyline.

3. New genre?

BTS’s “new chapter” could potentially introduce a completely new sound or genre that the group hasn’t tried or fully explored yet.

Will “Rocktan” happen in 2022? Fingers crossed!

4. New series

Fans fell in love with BTS’s previous album series, LOVE YOURSELF and MAP OF THE SOULBE was a standalone album, but it’s possible that BTS might kick off a new series this year.

5. A new chapter for an old story

Diehard fans of the HYYH era refuse to let it die, but what if BTS really is planning to go back in time? On InstagramRM recently posted these photos from BTS’s onstage: prologue music video.

6. The release date

Some fans predict that the album will be released mid-year. What if the announcement comes in March?

7. Subunits

Will “Taekook” stans finally get to hear a song by and Jungkook?

8. The album’s design

This ARMY’s vision certainly fits the “new chapter” concept!

9. The theme

Each of BTS’s albums has a theme, and fans believe that their next one will be just what we need in 2022.

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