5+ Things BTS ARMY Can Do While Waiting For 2025

There won’t be a dull moment.

On October 17, BIGHIT MUSIC announced that BTS would complete their mandatory military service and that Jin would cancel his request to delay his service.

As the sudden announcement was unexpected, many fans are sad about the time between now and 2025 when BIGHIT MUSIC suggests that BTS will “[reconvene] as a group again.”

Many ARMY are using humor to cope with the situation, while others are focusing on how they can spend the time while they wait for BTS.

Here are seven plans that ARMY have for the upcoming years.

1. Finally catch up on all the BTS content they’ve missed

BTS have been continually releasing content since before their debut, like the well-loved Run BTS episodes or Bangtan Bomb YouTube videos. Over the years, many fans have joked about always falling behind on watching the seemingly endless new content, so now ARMY might finally have a chance to get caught up.

2. Mentally brace for the ticketing process for BTS’s next performance

BTS’s recent Yet To Come concert in Busan had the free tickets sold out within 15 minutes. Although it’s not surprising that BTS would sell out more than 100,000 tickets in such a short time, we can only imagine the nightmare that will be trying to get tickets after everyone’s been awaiting their return.

3. Get enough money for future tours or comebacks

ARMY are always joking about how broke they are since they want to spend money supporting BTS’s comebacks and other exciting content. Many fans hope that while BTS completes their service, they can save money to spend when the group returns.

Although some fans are pointing out that they’ll still probably be broke since BIGHIT MUSIC definitely won’t stop releasing new content.

4. Learn Korean

BTS was able to become so popular internationally in large part due to fanbases that have been dedicated to translating content for fans who don’t speak Korean. These dedicated translators and official subtitles have helped international ARMY enjoy BTS content. Still, now that ARMY have the time, many are planning to study Korean to better understand and communicate with BTS.

5. Stream and break new records

ARMY are always hosting different streaming parties on Twitter, getting older songs to chart and reach new milestones as they continually support BTS’s music. This way for ARMY to bond and support BTS will likely only grow while BTS serve since it’s the perfect way to show BTS their never-ending support.

6. Have new life experiences

Since 2025 is a couple of years away, many ARMY will likely enter new chapters of their lives by graduating from school, getting new jobs, reaching further steps in their relationships, and achieving personal goals. ARMY are excited to support the people that BTS and they themselves have become in 2025.

7. Learn to “love yourself”

BTS have always promoted the concept of self-love, encouraging all ARMY to learn to accept and appreciate themselves. Now is as good a time as any for ARMY to practice self-love and prepare to greet BTS with a new version of themselves inspired by all that BTS has taught them.

But if one thing is for sure, ARMY will always be excitedly waiting for and supporting BTS.


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