5 Stories From BTS’s Trainee Days That Will Have Any ARMY In Tears

Suga almost had to quit his dreams when he was a trainee.

While BTS is currently enjoying great success, their journey wasn’t an easy one. The members had to endure a lot, especially during their trainee days. Here are 5 stories from BTS’s trainee days that will have any ARMY (BTS’s fandom) in tears.

1. Suga nearly having to quit his dreams

BTS’s Suga

Mnet‘s TMI News once took a brief look at Suga’s journey to debuting, and they found a lot of heartbreaking details. When Suga was a trainee, he struggled a lot financially. There were many times where Suga would have to decide between using his money to buy food or to ride the bus. There were also times where Suga would get scammed when he sold his songs.

Suga had to work part-time jobs when he was a trainee since he didn’t have enough money to support himself, and he had to pay tuition fees. When Suga was working as a delivery man, he got into an accident and injured his shoulder.

The doctors told Suga that he shouldn’t do any activities that could strain his shoulder. Due to the injury and his financial situation, Suga decided to quit his trainee life.

Bang Si Hyuk, the head of BTS’s agency (Big Hit Entertainment), stopped Suga and told him that he would wait for his shoulder to heal. Not only that, but Bang Si Hyuk paid for Suga’s tuition fees so that he didn’t have to worry about money. After this, Suga decided to continue being a trainee.

2. RM having doubts about his debut


When BTS guested in Super Junior Shindong‘s Shimshimtap, the members were asked if there was ever a moment during their trainee days where they “clenched their teeth.” RM revealed that Bang Si Hyuk was quite tough on him as a trainee. Bang Si Hyuk brought in RM due to his rap skills, but there was a moment when Bang Si Hyuk told RM, “I think I brought you for no reason.

After RM heard this, he clenched his teeth and got motivated to work even harder.

RM then honestly revealed that he had doubts about his debut at that time.

3. J-Hope almost leaving the group

BTS’s J-Hope

In an episode of Burn the Stage, J-Hope revealed that he once left the group before their debut. When J-Hope made this decision, Jungkook cried.

RM spoke with the people at Big Hit Entertainment about how they needed J-Hope in the group.

The members were thankfully able to convince J-Hope to change his mind.

4. RM having mixed feelings when he was a trainee


RM was the beginning member of BTS, and due to this, he had to see many trainees leave Big Hit Entertainment.

While these other trainees were technically RM’s competitors, he still felt sorry for them when they had to leave the company. RM also shared that he didn’t know how he should feel whenever this happened.

5. Suga helping a fellow trainee

BTS’s Suga

This one is more heartwarming than heartbreaking. Jihoon, also known as Brightoon from his YouTube channel Brightoon TV, is a former Big Hit Entertainment trainee who once trained alongside the BTS members. He once shared a story of how Suga helped him when they were trainees. One day, Jihoon ate a meal and started feeling dizzy and nauseous during the night. It even got to the point where he started puking.

Suga checked on Jihoon in the middle of the night and saw how badly Jihoon was feeling. Suga then called a taxi and took Jihoon to the hospital.

Jihoon spent the night at the hospital, and Suga stayed with him the whole night! Not only that, but Suga paid for all of Jihoon’s hospital fees with his own money.

To this day, Jihoon is thankful towards Suga for his incredibly kind act.