4 Times BTS Was Too Chaotic For TV/Broadcast… And Got Censored

Number 2 was quite “chaotic.”

BTS can be quite “chaotic,” and Suga has even shared that when he watches BTS content, he thinks to himself, “Those guys are nuts.”

There have been many moments where BTS were chaotic on TV/broadcast and got censored. Here are 4 of these moments.

1. Jimin speaking about Jeolla Province curses

In an episode of Run BTS!, the members were quizzed on South Korea’s provincial dialects. When “Jeolla Province” got brought up, Jimin said that “Jeolla Province’s curses are quite detail-oriented.

BTS’s Jimin | Run BTS!/Weverse

Jimin then let out a few curses!

The staff bleeped out what Jimin said and had a hilarious message for viewers.

2. Suga’s reaction to Jin’s rap

Jin and Jimin once had a rap battle, and it was quite chaotic.

| FA ZR/YouTube

Jin “dissed” Jimin’s rapping skills and said that his rap was “corrupted.” Jin then compared his own rapping skills to rapper Jay-Z‘s!

| FA ZR/YouTube

Suga was “amazed” by Jin’s rap, and he let out a few curses.

| FA ZR/YouTube

The members were a bit “too much” for their leader, RM, and he said they “can’t air” this segment!

| FA ZR/YouTube

Despite RM saying this, Suga continued with his playful reaction.

| FA ZR/YouTube

Here’s the full video below!

3. Jin’s unexpected answer

In an episode of Run BTS!, the members played whiteboard word games, and one of Jin’s answers ended up getting censored!

BTS’s Jin | Run BTS!/VLIVE

Once the members saw Jin’s whiteboard, they burst with laughter, and Suga called him “crazy.”

The censored word was believed to be 똥 (poop), and Jin was bleeped out every time he said the word. Despite all of this, Jin kept hilariously defending his answer.

4. J-Hope waking up Suga

The BTS members get extremely playful when they see a member sleeping, and when J-Hope saw a couple of members sleeping, he decided to seize the opportunity. Jimin was J-Hope’s first “victim.”

| Homer Rodriguez/YouTube

J-Hope then saw Suga sleeping, but he decided not to disturb him since he was sleeping so peacefully.

| Homer Rodriguez/YouTube

J-Hope decided to bother V, who was sleeping next to Suga.

| Homer Rodriguez/YouTube

J-Hope ended up waking up both V and Suga, and Suga cursed at him, which caused J-Hope to laugh!

| Homer Rodriguez/YouTube

Here’s the full video below!